Wyrd Chronicles 19

Hey Wyrdos. Check out the newly released Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 19!

In this issue:

  • Why Won't You Die?!: Learn how to deal with Malifaux's toughest models.
  • High Stakes: A skilled gambler is about to play the most dangerous game of his life.
  • Scenario - Off the Rails: They say the railroad's coming through here soon...
  • Playing with Fire: Omnicarbivore takes on the queen of incineration in this painting article.
  • TTB Adventure - The Whispering Affair: A broken door, a missing woman, and too much blood for this to end well...
  • Misaki versus Molly: The Oyabun's daughter faces off against an undead reporter in this gripping battle report!
  • Ram in the Thicket: The voices in a rail worker's head might be more than just stress...


You can download the magazine on DriveThruRPG (click on the image above for a direct link), and then come over to our forum to discuss.