Monday Preview - Scion of the Void



Monday through Thursday of this week, Wyrd is posting a preview and some information on Bell of Lost Souls. Make sure you're checking them out to see the news! Below is today's post, but since we're heading off to GenCon soon, this is the last one we're copying over!

If Malifaux is a game you have been sitting on the fence about, know that there has never been a better time to get into the game than now! This Thursday Malifaux releases its two player starter set which comes with everything you and a friend will need to start playing the game, including a booklet which teaches you as you play.

Also releasing this Thursday is the Shifting Loyalties book, which adds a campaign system to the game of Malifaux. If you’re a veteran miniature gamer who loved Mordheim and Necromunda, this supplement makes Malifaux the perfect game for you! Even newer players will enjoy this dynamic way to experience the narrative aspects of the game.

For those not in the know, Malifaux is a tabletop skirmish game which uses 8-12 models per side and handles random determination with cards instead of dice. This unique system allows players to “cheat” cards from their hand to replace their results, giving them a greater control over the game. The fast-paced and highly thematic play perfectly matches the dystopian, steampunk world where man-machine hybrids, brutal mercenaries, and fearsome Neverborn all compete for precious Soulstones!

Whether you’re new to miniature games, a veteran player who has had their eye to Malifaux, or someone who has played Malifaux but is taking a break, know that there has never been a better time to jump in than now! Shifting Loyalties and the two player starter will be for sale starting this Thursday at Gen Con and they will also be available through Wyrd’s online store.