Wyrd Chronicles 17

In this issue

  • Conditions in Malifaux: Tips for using conditions in Malifaux
  • Festival Day: It's a Wyrd Earth Day story
  • Scenario - Werebeasts: A new story scenario for Malifaux
  • Building a Park: Learn how to assemble some fantastic terrain!
  • Smuggler's Run: A one-shot adventure for Through the Breach
  • Luther the Pascha Hare: A hare raising tale full of cuddly (and nod so cuddly) bunnies
  • 13 Lessons of War: Some tips by Sun Tzu on playing Malifaux
  • Tyrannus' Tutelary: A guide to painting the War Wabbit
  • Painting Contest Winners: Frozen Moments
  • Painting Contest Winners: Crystal Brush