Preview - Darkness Comes Rattling Card

Hello Wyrdos,

For today's Monday Preview, we bring you Darkness Comes Rattling, an upcoming cooperative board game created by Kevin Wilson in collaboration with Wyrd!

Darkness Comes Rattling is set in a world where the snake Darkness, borne of Mother Moon, has swallowed the sun and plunged the world into night. The players take on the roles of warriors from the many Tribes of Man, who have come together to try to save their world!

Darkness Comes Rattling is a unique new world for players to enjoy and explore in this fast-paced new board game. The preview art above shows one of the Challenge cards (both front and back). This Challenge requires the warriors to roll a 17 or higher on 3d6 in order to succeed. Luckily, the warriors have many tools at their disposal to give them bonuses, including modifiers and re-rolls.

As the warriors explore the world, they will be confronted with many challenges and be forced to make the hard decisions about what they can achieve and what they can't -- all while staving off the corruption and shadows that Darkness is letting loose upon the land.

Time is running out before Darkness extinguishes the sun once and for all. Can you gather the spirit weapons needed to defeat Darkness in time?

Darkness Comes Rattling will come out later in 2015. 

And for all you Malifaux fans, we've got some news for you: You are able to get a special edition Grave Spirit in certain Tara crew boxes at your local game store. In addition to this promotion, Wyrd is also having a beginning-of-April Easter sale. More details on both these events will be available soon (as well as your April Wyrd Chronicles). Stay tuned!

And don't forget -- tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the Iron Painter!