Preview - Brotherhood of the Rat


This week's Monday Preview is a look at the upcoming Brotherhood of the Rat Story Encounter and Adventure Box. This box includes Rat Catchers, Rat Kings, and Malifaux Rats!

This is the second 'story box' release for Wyrd, with the University of Transmortis as the first. This box contains the Brotherhood of the Rat booklet, which has 3 specially designed Malifaux encounters (including a 1 player encounter) and a quick one shot Through the Breach adventure. The entire booklet is themed around the Brotherhood of the Rat -- a group of rat catchers in Malifaux.

In addition to this booklet, the box contains two Rat Catchers, two Rat Kings, and eight Malifaux Rats. These models are all available to the Outcast Faction, and can provide players with new options for their game. While these models are themed for Hamelin, many players have found great use for them in any Crew (for an example, see Rathnard's blog post here).

The Brotherhood of the Rat will not be available at GenCon, but its release date is not far off. So whether you're planning on picking up Hamelin, looking to add some Rats to your Crew, or want to see some great new encounters, this box is for you!


While I've got you here, I've got two other pieces of news to share:

  1. The GenCon releases and prices will be available in the next couple of days. We're hoping to get the list out today, but we'll see what happens. Stay tuned!
  2. If you are a Henchman, please head over to the Henchman board. There are some upcoming changes you need to know about.

Thanks all, have a Wyrd week!