Wyrd Chronicles 21

Hey Wyrdos. Check out the newly released Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 21!

In this issue:

  • Forged in Darkness: Aionus visits Plague
  • Creating a TTB Adventure: A helpful guide for Fatemasters
  • Fun with Scheme Markers: Win more games by (1) Interacting with this article!
  • The Fickle Whims of Time: An Aionus-themed Malifaux scenario
  • My Very Own Time Lord: Painting up Aionus
  • Cold Front: A TTB one shot
  • Someone Else's Toys: Crime never pays
  • Plan for the Best: A Malifaux tactics article


You can download the magazine on DriveThruRPG (click on the image above for a direct link), and then come over to our forum to discuss.