Waldo's Weekly - Weapons Out

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo wasn’t acting like his typical devious self, so we took him to the Imp-itrician. We were a little worried that he might’ve eaten the wrong type of plastic or breathed in too many fumes. The good news is that the doctor said that everything was fine; he was just eating so much because of the upcoming Gaining Pounds document. Yes, we tried to explain the mistake, but now he’s eating dirt. We all have our days.

Gen Con is near! And with it looming overhead, we are shining a light on some of our upcoming Events. During the Best Four Days in Gaming™, we will have Events lined up for Malifaux Third Edition, The Other Side, Through The Breach, and more. In order to get everyone prepped and ready for what’s to come, let’s take a look at some of our new (or updated) Events.

With the release of M3E, we couldn’t be more excited for Gen Con 2019. For one, it’ll have the very first Wyrd-run M3E tournament. This two-day tournament will last 5 Rounds and will show the best of M3E*, with promos available for every player, and a hefty Tyrant Belt for the winner. More information on this event will be released in the future.

As a community favorite throughout Second Edition, Henchman Hardcore will be back in M3E with a new updated format, as well as official inclusion in our new Gaining Grounds documents. While it remains similar to its roots, because Malifaux has changed, so too has Henchman Hardcore. For this year’s Gen Con, we will be using a revamped format that focuses on the Plant Explosives Strategy. Players will be drawn into their opponent’s side of the table as they try to meet their objective. Thanks to Explosives Tokens, every model on the table will serve a valuable purpose: blowing stuff up.

Alongside their explosive goal, players will have two Schemes they can use to score points: Assassinate and Vendetta. Along with Wedge Deployment, this Encounter is designed to make every model have an impact in a game while getting to the combat quickly. Whether players are snagging points with murderous intent or deceptive trickery, there will be multiple paths to victory.


In keeping up with the fast-paced Henchman Hardcore** format, we wanted to introduce another to the game that would allow for new synergies and tactics to develop while also being a little lighter in tone and complexity. With that, Double Rush was born. As a team event, players in Double Rush will work together with their partner to outwit their opponents. However, they will be limited, as each player only has 10 Soulstones to build their Crew. This format is in-your-face and brutal, utilizing two different Strategies: Reckoning and Plant Explosives. In Double Rush**, each team will rush for supremacy over the center of the table.

Along with Malifaux, The Other Side will also be a major focus for our events at Gen Con. We will be hosting two Fields of Glory tournaments(a Two Commander and One Commander, respectively). More information will be available for them in the future, but if you’re familiar with the Fields of Glory documents, the later details shouldn’t surprise you.

Along with these tournaments, we will be hosting our first ever Battle on Four Fronts Event. Teams of two players in a 2 Round Event will try to score the most VP in the new Operation: Split Forces**. This Event is all about embracing the chaos of The Other Side and managing through it with a buddy. Additionally, in order to add to the fun, before participating in the rounds, each player will have to take a single Two Commander Company and split it in two, creating their two forces for the event. Only one will be used in each game, so make your choices wisely!

In addition to our tournaments, we will also be hosting free learn to play Events at Gen Con for both M3E and The Other Side. If you just want to come by and get a hands-on walkthrough of either game, be sure to sign up before the spots are all filled up.

Hopefully, Waldo will be feeling better next week so we can get back to revealing more sneak peeks. We'll just have to wait and see. 

See you then!

*Dead Man’s Hand models will not be allowed for any Malifaux events at Gen Con.

**Because these formats are all still in testing, their rules are still subject to change.

June 2019 Newsletter - Gen Con is Near!

Hey Wyrdos,

The Best Four Days in Gaming™ is just around the corner. From August 1st to the 4th, you'll be able to find us at Gen Con in the Indiana Convention Center. We hope to see you there!

In this newsletter, we’ll be covering our June releases, our Gen Con Events, and more.
We’re going all out for this year’s Gen Con, starting with a jam-packed Event schedule. Whether you play Malifaux, Through the Breach, The Other Side, Darkness Comes Rattling, or just like to paint our awesome miniatures, there will be something Wyrd for you to look forward to in the event hall.

Each Tournament will have a prize for those who walk away victorious. Our other Events will offer coupons, Fate Decks, adventures, and more. Regardless of which Event(s) you'd like to take part in, you won't be walking away emptyhanded!

You can now sign up for our Events by visiting the Gen Con website.

Below are brief descriptions of each Event:


Throughout the course of Gen Con, we will be hosting various tournaments for both Malifaux: Third Edition and The Other Side. 

Malifaux: Third Edition

  • Double Rush Team Tournament (Thursday 9am - 4pm): Work together with your partner in a micro-Crew environment to claim victory as part of this Team Tournament. Each player needs their own 10SS M3E Crew (plus Master and Totem).
  • Henchman Hardcore Tournament (Sunday 9am - 1pm): Test your mettle in this fast-paced, brutal format using updated M3E Henchman Hardcore Rules.
  • Tyrant Tournament (Friday 8am - 6pm, Saturday 8am - 2pm): Determine the top Tyrant of Malifaux in the first official Malifaux: Third Edition Tournament! This is a two day, 5 Round M3E Tournament with 50SS Crews. 

The Other Side

  • Titan Smash! (Friday 10am -12pm) (Sunday 10am -12pm): Bring your Titans to bear in this fast-paced multiplayer format.
  • Midnight Run Tournament (Friday 6pm - Sat 1am): Will you have the strength to go through with this 3 Round, One Commander Tournament?
  • Battle on Four Fronts Team Event (Saturday 3pm- 9pm): This is a 2 Round, 16 player team event. Each player needs their own Two Commander Company, which will be split across two games. 
  • Champions of Earth Tournament (Thursday 10am - 6pm): Bring the full force of your Company for this 3 Round, Two Commander Fields of Glory Tournament. 

Daily Events

Every day at Gen Con, we are going to be running a few recurring events* so that players can get their "Faux Fix" at their own leisure. *Sunday's event schedule may vary.

Through The Breach

  • Crafting a New Character's Fate (9am - 11am)Begin to understand your Destiny and step through the Breach by learning the basics of gameplay and Character Creation in Through the Breach: 2nd Edition. Take these new characters and a new Fate deck to any other Through the Breach event at Gen Con.
  • Adventures (12pm - 3pm) & (4pm - 7pm): Journey with us through the world of Malifaux in one of our One-Shot Adventures, and take a copy of the Adventure home with you afterward.

Malifaux Third Edition

  • Learn to Play (Every Hour 9am - 11pm): Come and learn Malifaux or get a refresher on Third Edition!

The Other Side

  • Learn to Play (Every Hour 9am - 11pm): Come and learn to play The Other Side.
Board Games
  • Darkness Comes Rattling - War of the Spirits (6pm - 9pm): Come play the new expansion for Darkness Comes Rattling, War of the Spirits. Fight back against the Darkness and learn the secrets of the Winds in this cooperative game. Promos are available for all players.


  • A Dash of Color (11am - 1pm) (3pm - 5pm) (7pm - 9pm): Come join Wyrd Games for our take on a speed painting event! All skill levels welcome. In each event, all participants will be provided with the same model (a different model for each event!) and will have to fully paint it within the time allotted. Judges for each event will decide the winner, who will walk away with a special prize! All participants will at least walk away with the model they painted. All models will be pre-built and pre-primed before the show.
Make sure to sign up for any Events that you're interested in now, as they're selling out quick!
It is because of our incredible community that we are able to take part in conventions like Gen Con, and it’s their love of our games that keeps us coming back. So if we are to make this year’s Gen Con the best yet, we need our community’s help!

If you are planning on making a trip to Gen Con this year, consider volunteering. Whether you’re interested in teaching games, running Events, or helping us around the booth, visit our volunteer schedule to sign up!
If you hadn’t already heard (how’s that rock that you’re living under treating you?), Malifaux Third Edition is launching June 28th!

Here, you can see everything that will be releasing in M3E’s first month.

June Releases

WYR23001 Malifaux Core Rulebook $20.00
WYR23002 Guild Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23003 Resurrectionist Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23004 Arcanist Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23005 Neverborn Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23006 Outcast Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23007 Bayou Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23008 Ten Thunders Faction Pack $20.00
WYR23009 Dead Man's Hand Pack $7.00
WYR23011 M3E Fate Deck $13.00
* WYR23101 Basse Core Box $50.00
* WYR23302 Burning Bridges $50.00
* WYR23701 Youko Core Box $45.00

In addition to finding our latest products at your local game store during the summer, you can also expect to find all of these releases (and more!) at Gen Con.
There’s not much time between now and the Best Four Days in Gaming™, so while we’re working on our end, sign up for Events and volunteer shifts to make sure that this is the best Gen Con yet.

See you there!


Waldo's Weekly - Thunder, Lightning, And All Things Too Frightening


Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we found Waldo eating all of our upcoming Faction books for Malifaux Third Edition. Before we had him spit it all out and rearrange the pages so that they could be shipped out (and rip out his impish horns as recompense), we needed to know why. With a confetti-filled burp, he responded that he was hungry for static poses.

In order to cool off, we’re doing something a little special and revealing the one page from the upcoming Ten Thunders Faction book that he didn’t eat, the Torakage!

Next week, we’ll be diving into a designer’s perspective on some upcoming M3E content!

Waldo's Weekly - If That's Really Your Name

Hey Wyrdos,

While we were at a convention last week, it would seem that Waldo found a camera and took pictures of some of our upcoming Malifaux Third Edition models (maybe you’ve seen the photos floating around online?). While we don’t know exactly what ended up happening with that camera, Waldo did express to us that with two slices of bread, anything can become a sandwich.

This week, the Undercover Reporter takes a step out of his hiding place and reveals himself!


At the request of Nellie Cochrane, the Undercover Reporter manages to squeeze into the most precarious of hiding places in order to get the latest scoop on any potential wrongdoings happening in Malifaux. Whether he’s chasing a story or in a deadly pursuit, this reporter rarely horses around. Most recently, though, he found himself in a bit of a pickle – or a barrel, possibly filled with pickles, but we’ll have to wait for his next report to find out.


On the table, the Undercover Reporter will provide your Journalist Crew with some quick and hidden maneuverability with his Undercover Ability, which allows him to Unbury in base contact with any enemy Minion. A barrel unexpectedly showing would understandably scare and frighten anyone, which is probably why that enemy Minion must then be placed back into their Deployment Zone. This, combined with his Deadly Pursuit Ability (which allows him to Push up to 4” during the End Phase) and Follow a Lead Bonus Action (which allows him to move up to 6” after discarding a Scheme Marker) really lets this barrel roll around the table.

Not only is he mobile, but he’s also sneaky, staying so well hidden that he can’t be the target of Charge Actions. In addition, his wooden drum must be made out of reinforced steel, as the Undercover Reporter can also gain Shielded +2 during the Start Phase (must be cramped in there, though, because he’ll also gain Staggered).

If the situation ever gets too hot to handle, the Undercover Agent will do whatever it takes to make sure his identity remains a secret by burning it all down to the ground with the Arson Action, setting a nearby Scheme Marker aflame and damaging any nearby enemies in the process. To further add to the chaos, his Confusion in the Ranks Bonus Action can also make a Minion take the Interact Action, even if our dear reporter is still deep undercover.

We’d better let him get back to his hiding spot. When he’s in plain view, he grows a tad paranoid, and that Hidden Blade becomes a little less hidden. We’ll just turn the blind eye to check out his mobile wallpaper!


Waldo's Weekly - Money, It's a Hit

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo learned a hard lesson in economics when we took him to the local game store. With cardboard and plastic still plastered between his teeth, our favorite little imp was kindly shown the front door before the authorities arrived. After explaining to him the concept of money, that the store shelves weren’t a feeding ground, and goods needed to be purchased before they were eaten, he stopped listening altogether. Apparently he’s too broke to pay attention. *ba-dum-tsh*

This week, we’re taking a look at another Malifaux Third Edition box that will be coming out soon, Loyalty to Coin!


If there's one thing that these three Mercenaries have in common, it’s making sure that after a job is done, they’re getting paid. Of varying skill levels, talents, and notoriety, these weapons for hire have all found their way working under the Viktoria sisters.


For Big Jake, the Viks seemed like the right choice because they go after big name bounties without even a blink of an eye. For the Student of Conflict, the Mercenary camp is a home and they are her family, learning from her leaders in the way of the sword in the process. And, for Taelor, working with the twins means that she gets to ensure that her Relic Hammer connects with a few skulls – having enough scrip in her pocket to pay for her drinking habit doesn’t hurt, either.

The Loyalty to Coin box will be available in July!

Just like last week, we’ve got new mobile wallpapers for these hired guns. Check them out!


We will be out of the office next week, so Waldo will be utilizing that time to consume everything he can before we get back and have to fork over the check to cover the expenses.