Monday Preview - Gunner

Hey everyone! Today we're taking a look at another Pursuit from the upcoming Through the Breach supplement, Above the Law.  The Guild has lots of red tape, and politics, but sometimes the Guild needs some raw firepower.  For that purpose the Gunner pursuit is just what they need.  


Gunners are a combat Pursuit that focuses on the use of chain guns, cannons, ribauldequins, and other heavy guns. As one might expect, the Gunners can crank up the number of attacks produced by automatic weapons, but many of their Talents are actually somewhat defensive: the Behind the Gun Talent grants the Gunner the equivalent of Heavy Armor whenever she's wielding a Heavy Gun weapon, for instance.

Most of the time, the easiest way to deal with ranged weapons is to close to melee range in order to shut down melee attacks and force the opponent to waste valuable time swapping to a melee weapon. Gunners, however, begin with the Heavy Weaponry Talent, which allows them to wield their Heavy Gun weapons as if they were Heavy Melee weapons. Why go through the hassle of swapping to a melee weapon when you can just hit the opponent with the heavy chunk of metal you're already holding?

The rest of the Gunner Pursuit is essentially a collection of useful abilities that are applicable to both rapid-fire Gatling weapons and heavy cannons in even measure. Annoyed that you can't just pick up a cannon and carry it around with you? The Walking Artillery Talent will let you stride into combat with that cannon barrel slung under your arm without need for a weapon brace. Want to charge into combat while firing a Gatling gun at full speed? The Fusillade Advance Talent lets you declare ranged attacks with the Charge Action. Swarmed by a horde of baddies? Use Mow Down to take a shot at every enemy in range.

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Friday Preview - Field Intelligence Corps

Another Friday is upon us!  That means we have yet another amazing preview from The Other side.  And this week we are looking at one of the units of the King's Empire who help to support the war effort.  Winning a war is more than just having the biggest or most guns.  It's about having information.  The Field Intelligence Corps helps to make sure that happens.  Of course they also have a big gun for when that is the correct answer to the problem!  Let's take a look!

Not every part of the military is focused on combat. The goal of the Field Intelligence Corps is to keep their Commanders appraised of enemy actions and threats so that the Empire's forces can be used to their full effect. Using espionage, signal flags, and a trained eye, the Intelligence Corps can greatly undermine enemy plans through the simple use of observation and communication. They are armed with high powered SMLE Mark II rifles for when the fighting gets thick, though they are often tasked with trying to eliminate key enemy personnel rather than front line soldiers.

On the tabletop, the Field Intelligence Corps specializes in card manipulation. With the ability to draw cards and make the opponent discard them, they help to tilt the resource element of the game towards the Empire's advantage. If they flip to Glory, they also gain the ability to manipulate the Operation itself.

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Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

Hey Wyrdos!  It is almost time for our Black Friday/Wyrd Birthday sale and we know you all want some news.  Well today we get to bring you a preview of something that will be available during the Black Friday sale.  Wyrd is at it again with a new Twisted Alternatives box!  This time we decided to bring some holiday cheer into the office .  And nobody knows how to get everyone into the winter holiday spirit like Rasputina and her crew!  Especially with this new twist...


Box Contains

1 Alt Rasputina Sculpt 

1 Krampus*

1 Beast in a Box** (3 presents on one base)

3 Snowmen*** (note the extra head counts as part of one of the Snowmen)

This alternate Rasputina set will come pre-assembled, and will be like our previously released Twisted Alternatives set.  It will be made available during the Black Friday sale. 

*Krampus counts as Snowstorm

** Beast in a Box counts as Wendigo

*** Snowmen count as Ice Gamin

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Friday Preview - Armored Whelks

It's finally Friday, the best day of the week!  And on top of that it's the best time on Friday, preview time!  Today we are taking a peek under the shell of the Armored Whelk.  While they may not swarm the field like some of their compatriots, they will be a tough nut to crack.  Let's take a look and learn a little more about these crabby crustaceans!  

The large Whelks are, in some ways, simple creatures. They are heavily protected by their massive shells, and their sharp claws have evolved to possess a strength many times their apparent size. To treat them as simple predators is to do them an injustice, however, for the Armored Whelks are some of the most intelligent creatures in the Gibbering Hordes. They are aggressively social and have formed a symbiotic relationship with many other species. Groups of Whelks frequently become rally points in combat, and human commanders have already noticed a sudden and drastic shift in the Hordes’ tactics the moment that a few Whelks appear on the battlefield.

On the table, Armored Whelks are one of the hardest Squads to kill. High armor and an immunity to Pinned Tokens make them incredibly difficult to slow down or damage. The only consolation for opponents is that Whelks tend to move in smaller numbers than many of their kin.

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Tales of Malifaux 67 - The Spoon is Mightier

We are proud to bring you Tales of Malifaux 66: The Spoon is Mightier.  In this episode Peregrine Renfield and Dougie O'Doughan get on the wrong side of Mah Tucket and the Bushwackers.  You will have to give it a listen to find out how that ends for them!  Click the image below to give it a listen!