Chronicles 36

Happy Friday Wyrdos! Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 36 is now live! Break on through to The Other Side.

  • Comparing Malifaux & The Other Side: An in-depth look at the differences and similarities in our two miniatures games!
  • Storming Into the Breach – Starting the Other Side: Interested in The Other Side but don’t know which Allegiance to pick or what you want in your Company? Let’s give you a hand.
  • Little Star: A mother and daughter down on their luck as a mysterious light appears over London.
  • Painted Model Gallery: A close-up look of some of The Other Side’s fully painted models.
  • The Other Side – Battle Report: The Cult of the Burning Man and the King’s Empire duke it out in a play-by-play breakdown of The Other Side.
  • Lost at Sea – The Other Side Scenario:  An Abyssinian destroyer gets bombarded by an unknown enemy. Can you survive the Hordes?

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Job Openings

Hey Wyrdos!  If you think you have what it takes to work with us over here at Wyrd we have a couple of job opening available.

Concept & Character Artist: This is a full-time position for an artist who is able to match current visuals for our various game systems.  They will work with the design team to produce line and color concept art as well as print quality full-color illustrations.  The position is located in Marietta, Georgia.

Warehouse Associate: This is a temporary assignment with the potential to become full-time.  The assignment is from July through August.  This position includes assisting with the building of products and processing of customer orders.  Experience with our product and pull/pack are bonuses.  

If you are interested in either of these positions head over to our Job Opportunities page to see how to apply.  

Monday Preview - Hucksters

Pssst.  Over here.  You look like someone looking for a Monday Preview....yeah we got Monday Previews.  The best previews!  Come take a look at these Hucksters...


In Malifaux there are lots of items that are illegal, or just prohibitively expensive due to Guild taxes.  The huckster doesn't care about either of those issues.  They will get you what you need, but there will be a price.  

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Friday Previews - June 8th

Happy Friday Wyrdos! 

We have met here every Friday to take a peek into The Other Side and what it has to offer. As we are nearing the official release, we have showcased many key components of the core books.  If you missed anything or want more information it can be found at Moving forward we will now be staggering our previews as we focus on final preparations for the initial launch. We can't wait to preview what is coming next!

Quite excited to see The Other Side brought to the table soon and we thank you all for following us on this long journey.  Till next time we leave you with some pretty serious faces ... wonder whats happening?

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