Adepticon 2019 Tournament Packets Now Available!


Hey Wyrdos,

We’re excited to finally provide the tournament packets for this year’s Adepticon. If you’ve signed up for an event, here’s all of the information that you’ll need before this year’s premiere wargaming convention!

If you haven’t signed up for events yet, head on over to Adepticon’s Event page and search for Malifaux, The Other Side, or Wyrd to find information on the event you’re looking for!

It’s worth noting that pre-registration ended, but if you’re interested in an event, you can still sign up for an event once you’re at the convention.

Malifaux 2nd Edition - Enforcer Brawl

The age old question....Who is the best Enforcer? Come, test the skills of both yourself and your chosen Enforcer in this battle royal. Each round will match your model against 3 other players in a ring of death. 

This event will utilize the Official Enforcer Brawl format, which can be found HERE!

Malifaux 2nd Edition - Henchman Hardcore

Sometimes all you need to do a job is a Henchman and a few minions. Leave the Master behind and see if your Henchman has what it takes.

This M2E tournament will consist of 5 rounds at 30 minutes each and will utilize the Official Henchman Hardcore format, which can be found HERE!

Malifaux 2nd Edition - Send-Off Tournament

This is the end of an era. The best of the best are coming out to fight for the final title: Champion of Malifaux.

This is the last Wyrd run M2E tournament. Think you are strong enough to claim ownership of Malifaux: Second Edition? Grab your faction and test your mettle. Reserve your spot now! This is a 3 Round, specialized Gaining Ground 2018, 50SS Event that will use some old favorites for Strategies and Schemes. Find out more information about the Tournament HERE!

The Other Side - The Battle Begins Tournament

Fight for control of Earth and for the dominance of your Allegiance.

Bring the force of your Company and battle it out for control of Earth. This is a 3 Round, 1 Commander, Fields of Glory Event. More information can be found HERE!

We’ll see you at Adepticon!

Waldo's Weekly - Through Mist and Shadow


Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we found Waldo rummaging through the M3E rulebook. At first, we got excited because we thought he was trying to learn the game, but as it turns out, the amount of ink each visual example requires makes the pages an impish delicacy. Maybe our Henchmen are brave enough to teach him how to play, but we’re not. We like our hands right where they are, thank you very much.

Before he ate all of the pages, we couldn’t help but notice the stealth reveal of a Master’s new look in one of those examples. We figured that showing off what the rest of her art looks like is probably the right thing to do. So let’s take a look at the Ten Thunders’ new Oyabun, Misaki!


When building a Misaki Crew, players will be focusing on dancing in the dark by utilizing stealth and movement Abilities that make Last Blossom models hard to see and hard to hit. The combination of Misaki’s Into Shadow and From Shadow Abilities allow her to hide from her opponent by Burying while simultaneously placing Destructible Concealing Shadow Markers on the table that (generally) only the other members of her Crew have the experience to see through.

Other Last Blossom models are going to be utilizing those Shadow Markers in special ways, too. For example, not only can Ototo drop them, but if he’s also in line of sight of Misaki, he can create a pulse to hand out Slow (from his Action, The Storm is Coming), which will help to keep the enemies he wants nearby to stick around for a while.

In addition, Minako Rei can summon Katashiro by discarding Shadow Markers (with her Create Katashiro Action), Yamaziko can draw cards and Pass Tokens on her Unworthy of Her Attention Trigger, Torakage can teleport to Shadow Markers and turn them into Scheme Markers (with the Ninja Vanish Action), and the Thunder Archers can bring the pain by handing out more damage to models that are lingering too close to those Shadow Markers (via their Shadow Pin Trigger). And that’s just the beginning of the synergies involved with Misaki and her Last Blossom Crew.

To celebrate her new rank as Oyabun, we’ll be providing a wallpaper of Misaki Katanaka’s glorious new look, too!


Next week, we’re letting Waldo rest a bit while we’re in Reno, visiting the fine folks at GAMA. Hopefully the office isn’t burned to the ground before we get back.

Breachside Broadcast - Episode 100!

Episode 100 of Breachside Broadcast is now live! Give a listen to the end of Led Zipp'lin, as well as some Gremlin vignettes!

In this episode, we have the conclusion of Led Zipp'lin, followed by an assortment of Gremlin Vignettes.

For our 100th episode, we're also running a contest! Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information!

As always, click on the image below to give Tales of Malifaux a listen.

Waldo's Weekly - I Saw the End


Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we didn’t find Waldo at all. Instead, we found a note in the break room fridge taped to some burnt leftovers that simply stated: “Due to the meaty-oak’er food in this here est-blabbish-mint, I have died. And in the afterlife, I joined a gang. Be back soon. Smooches. – W.”

So while Waldo is gone learning how to cook from a group of ghostly miscreants, we were inspired by his new aspirations to reveal a new model in Malifaux Third Edition: the Gokudo!


The Gokudo are a group of criminals and assassins that work exclusively for Yan Lo, under one of his false identities, Wei Lu. Unbeknownst to the Gokudo themselves, they are descendants to those who swore fealty to Wei Lu centuries earlier, and those oaths are what permanently bind them to the sorcerer’s magic, both in life and in death.

On the table, Yan Lo can use the Gokudo as conduits to bring back his ancient allies that have fallen in battle. With the Ancient Bloodline Ability, these Ancestors come back even more powerful while simultaneously allowing the Gokudo to haunt and torment their opponents, even in the afterlife. While they’re in play, these subservient vessels are difficult to deal with, as their Hard to Kill and Face in the Crowd Abilities both make them difficult to take down without taking the appropriate measures first.

In addition to being a pain to take out, the Gokudo can also assist Yan Lo in keeping a steady hand of cards with their Know the Warrior Ability, which allows them to draw a card if they Cheat Fate while having Focused. Their Bonus Action, Risky Maneuver, makes sure that they can get that much needed Focused without having to use up one of their Actions to Concentrate, which always helps, too.


In addition to being difficult to remove from the game, the Gokudo also pack a punch (quite literally) with their Staggering Punch Action. If there’s an enemy that’s either difficult to see or hard to reach, the Gokudo can also toss a Shuriken their way.

On both Attack Actions, the Gokudo have the Marked by the Ancestors Trigger. When a Target gains the Adversary (Ancestor) Condition, all models with the Ancestor Keyword receive a + to opposed duels against that Target until the End Phase, which is a great way to ensure that your Crew hits their enemies where it counts.

In Waldo’s note that he left behind, he left behind a little treat: a mobile wallpaper!



Waldo's Weekly - I Shoot, You Run


Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we found Waldo on the roof sleeping like a baby. A snoring, farting, giggling devil baby, but a baby all the same. He was surrounded in shredded M2E books that were being used as bedding and Teddy plush prototypes that were just a little too creepy to go into production (yep, even for us). He must have been dreaming about robbing someone at gunpoint, because he was pointing finger guns and murmuring “pew pew” in between snorts and chortles.

Rather than wake him up, we decided to enjoy the peace and quiet by revealing another new look for an old favorite.

Sting. Beck. Cher. Bono. Banksy. There are only a handful of people in the world who are recognized enough without needing a last name. Hans, the best sniper to the highest bidder, is one such person. If you want the job done, and the job done right, you just need to say his name. And provide a hefty amount of scrip beforehand, of course.


Regardless of the Outcast Crew that you’re building, it’s almost always worth considering putting aside the right amount of coin (or Soulstones) for our favorite hired gun. With his Advanced Sights and Sniper Abilities, his accuracy and range are considered the best in the business (as long as he’s willing to Focus enough before the shot).

Because of his knack of blending in with his surroundings with the Disguised Ability, he’s going to be tough for melee beaters to Charge in and wreak havoc. It doesn’t matter if he’s hired to take out a human, Neverborn, or spectral apparition, either, as his Ruthless Ability helps to ensure that he’s always on target.


If you’re on the opposing end of Hans’ rifle, you’ll likely be lights out before you even know where the shot came from. While his Clockwork Rifle is used by some other gunmen in Malifaux, only Hans is able to utilize it to the fullest extent. With four Triggers that allow him to handle just about any situation, Hans is able to end a life quickly or Slow them down before a quick escape.

If Hans is in a tight spot and the situation calls for a more tactful approach, he can let out a Warning Shot to give his target Distracted and possibly Stunned, which can essentially shut down an enemy’s effectiveness as he gets resituated for the next assault.

Even the most experienced assassins sometimes have to reference their own ethics and rules manuals, though, which is why his Bonus Action, Reference the Field Guide, gives him the opportunity to add any suit to his final duel totals for the rest of his Activation, allowing him to gain the upper hand each time he lines up a shot.

Check out the new model for Hans in M3E!


Next week, we’ll be signing a contract for some protection in the Little Kingdom.  

Waldo's Weekly - Letters from a Crow Runner

Hey Wyrdos,

We found Waldo playing in the trash this week. Somehow, it didn’t surprise us in the slightest. What did surprise us, however, is the rare gem that he found among the garbage. After pushing away old pizza boxes and coffee tins (and a bottle of whiskey or two – don’t ask me how they got there), our favorite mischievous imp stumbled upon something that is only ever found on beaches and in cheesy 80’s songs: a message in a bottle.

So, this week, we’re opening the bottle and unraveling the notes in this unique short story about a Crow Runner in The Other Side. Enjoy!


18 August, 1906

Dearest Mother,

Sergeant says I can’t tell you where I am, nor what I am doing, nor who I am with. What a nightmare for you, to not know what your daughter is doing with her days! I still remember your rules for boys; an itinerary, a guest list, and home by ten. Well, I will not be home by ten tonight, or the next, or for quite a while, I fear. But know that I am in good company. These are good men and women I fight beside. They would die for your daughter, and I for them. Let us hope that is not necessary.

I can tell you that the weather here is beautiful. The days are harsh, but at night the sky is full of stars, and the sunsets are like a jewel cut from blood. We move so far ahead of the army that its clamor does not reach us. It is peaceful. I like to find a high place, and turn my back to the sunset, and watch its last light fall on the dreadnoughts as they power down for the night. It is like a little city we bring with us, the army, buildings and all.

I think often of you and Ebo, sitting by the hearth as you prepare dinner, and father in his workshop. The food on the march is terrible. We have kinche that we must mix and eat cold, and the only coffee available is stolen from the Barbary and is hardly worthy of the name. We sometimes hunt, but Yonas is not as much of a cook as he claims. After the war, I will bring him to your hearth, and let you teach him how to make a proper wat.

Hug father for me. He would not speak to me before I left. I know this is not what he wanted for my life, but the days in Amara were long, and going nowhere. Try to understand. And do not let Ebo follow me. That boy would be more of a nuisance to his compatriots than he would to the enemy. Keep him occupied with his maths, and away from that Aifa girl.

Your faithful daughter,



2 September, 1906


I know I promised weekly letters when I left, but things on the front are difficult. I’m trying to get this in between patrols, when I ought to be sleeping, or eating, or praying, but I find I have little interest in these things. And you deserve a word from your daughter.

Bit of a scare last week. Sergeant had us on a long sally, trying to find the flank of the enemy’s lines. We were part of a larger force probing the west, but were cut off when our supporting elements were counterattacked and driven from the field. Rather than circle back, we pressed on, hoping to get clear of the enemy’s attention so we could find our way home. Three days in the bush, and let me tell you, Yonas’ cooking does not improve in the wild, though it does not seem to affect his mood. I swear, that man’s smile could light up the sky. It would have been a longer journey without him.

I hesitate to mention this. Sergeant is strict about these things. If he hears us talking about it around the fire, he scolds us, and tells us we’re children. But I must put it in ink, in case… just in case. There was something in the darkness, hunting us long after the enemy patrols had given up. I saw it once - a water thing, but on land, with teeth like daggers. There have been stories of these things among the ranks. I did not believe them, but now I do.

I do not like this new world we have created, mother. We have enough war already, always pressing on our borders. But a war with monsters? With demons? Sleep is difficult enough without the nightmares coming true.

Speaking of sleep, I find it necessary. Another patrol in an hour. Hopefully we will be back on friendly ground before the month is out, and then I can write more frequently.

My love to father, and Ebo. Do not worry, mother. Your daughter is strong.




12 December, 1906

I do not have words to express my sorrow, mama. Your letter about Ebo was much delayed. You will have already buried him. I can’t help but feel this is my fault. If I was there… if I had known… if I could have come home. But I wasn’t, and I didn’t, and I can’t.

I wish I had something to comfort you with. The war is grim. We have fallen back and fallen back, until it feels as though we have nothing else to lose. And maybe we don’t. Fool that I am, I miss Yonas and his cooking. We lost him on the long run back to the river. Our advance was turned before we reached the valley, and then one of the dreadnoughts fell to heavy fire, and the rout began in earnest. This was supposed to be an easy fight. The The Barbary League may have made a deal with the devil, I think, or perhaps the Guild. I’m not sure which I would rather face. Sarge would say that I shouldn’t be telling you all this, but he’s in the belly of some hellspawned monster, so what say does he have in it?

What was I saying? The river, and Yonas. After the rout began, Sarge tried to get us to press forward, but there was no hope of that. The Barbary rolled across the valley like ants, their guns rattling and their cannon turning the ground into dust. There was no way forward, so we ran. A group of us went through the woods, thinking to put some cover between us at the front lines, but they were waiting. I have never fought like that. It was desperate and bloody, and when it was done we were running again, this time to the river. Yonas lies in that forest, somewhere among the trees. You would have liked him.

Once we got away from the main body of the rout, things calmed down for a while. We were numb, in body and in mind. Word came that the boats were waiting, that we could escape, if only we could reach the river. So we ran, harder than I’ve ever run in my life. We passed a lot of dying people. We should have stopped, to help, or to give them mercy. Ebo would have stopped. But to stop was to die, and so I ran.

Of course, the boats were gone. More than gone. They were destroyed. I stumbled half-mad into the river. Sergeant was yelling, but all I could think about was that this wreckage, these floating boards and bloated bodies, they were supposed to be my salvation. And then sarge was pulling me out, and I saw them coming. Not the League. Something else. Something from the water.

Sarge saved me. It cost him his life. This thing… this creature… rose up from the water and bit him in half. I can still see his legs, wobbling in the shallows. Like sausages. I lost my mind. I must have run. The river turned into a boil of humped backs and squirming limbs, a pot overflowing with teeth. We went back the way we came, straight into the Barbary charge. It was the monsters who saved us.

They found me two weeks later, sifting through the banks. Another army, this one clean and bright and full of hope. They’re marching to retake the valley. They gave me a new rifle, and a new sergeant. There is a man in my unit who laughs like Yonas, but he does not cook. I am marching with them, but your daughter is still in the river, praying.

I will hug Ebo for you. Give father my love, and tell him he was right.


Click on the image of Makda above to download the PDF of this story!