Post GenCon Update

Hello Wyrdos!

GenCon has come and gone, and the warehouse is working overtime to get everyone's orders out. We'd like to thank everyone who ordered, as well as everyone who came up to GenCon and chatted with us/took pictures/played games. It's always great to meet new people and introduce new people to the world of Malifaux.

A special congratulations to Derrek Chu, the winner of the Tyrant of Malifaux tournament at GenCon! There were some exciting and tense games, but in the end his Ten Thunders, led by Mei Feng, pulled off the victory.

Last, but not least: if you ordered online during GenCon but missed the chance to vote, you can still get it in on this website. Votes must be in by the end of August to be counted.

Thank you again everyone, and have a great week!

Friday Preview - Aug 18

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  It's time to take a look at another Other Side model.  Today we are taking a break from the commanders to look at the biggest, baddest models that the Other Side has to offer.  The Titans.  Let's take a look at the Alpha Crawler!

Crawlers are the most common species of predator in the Malifaux oceans. The largest of them are the mighty Alpha Crawlers. These apex predators are thankfully rare, as there is little that can stand toe to toe with them.

Although dim in comparison to Frenzies or Sirens, the Alpha Crawlers are still intelligent creatures. They are able to instinctually work with many of the smaller species for mutual benefit, most notably the Speckled Crawlers. Against small prey, the Speckled Crawlers herd food en masse to the Alpha.

When faced with larger creatures, the Speckled Crawlers serve as bait, drawing their unsuspecting prey into ambush range for the larger Alpha. Alpha Crawlers are immensely powerful, which translates into speed and hitting power. Though they favor using their mouths, they are more than capable of using their powerful arms to rip larger food apart so that it can be shoved into their gruesome maws.

On the table, Alpha Crawlers provide speed, power, and survivability. As a Titan, these massive creatures can fill many roles on the battlefield.

One of the key features of the Alpha Crawler is Ridden by Crawlers. If an Alpha Crawler gains enough Reinforcement Tokens, it becomes increasingly difficult to take down, allowing it to run rampant through enemy troop formations.

An Alpha Crawlers' Gruesome Maw can deal a lot of damage, especially when it is loaded down with Reinforcement Tokens and can utilize its Give in To Hunger Trigger. Woe to any enemy units that find themselves in melee with such a monster!

Using the Alpha Crawler is straightforward. Give it the Rush Order and let it go to work. The only question is how many Reinforcement Tokens the Company can afford to stack onto it without neglecting the Company's other units.

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Friday Preview - August 11

Happy Friday Wyrdos!

As has become the new normal, we have another Friday preview of The Other Side!  This week we are taking a look at an awesome new Abysinnian commander, the Lord of Steel.

The Lord of Steel is a title given to Abyssinia's greatest warrior. The title currently resides with Yokowo Yemo, a skilled fighter and brilliant tactician. Yokowo joined the armed services at the age of sixteen and has been rising through the ranks ever since.

Yokowo is known for his particularly aggressive hit and run tactics, which led the Abyssinian engineers to create a special jetpack just for him. This has led to Yokowo always managing to be where the fighting is thickest, which in turn earns him the respect of all those he leads.

All Lords of Steel, Yokowo included, wield the Spear of Ages. This mighty spear has one of Abyssinia's first Soulstones, a rare green gem, fused into its hilt. The spear gives its wielder incredible power, and the fusion of steel and magic allows it to cut through almost any object.

While Yokowo is a talented Commander, he is known more for his bizarre strategies in battle than for his measured approach. His odd tactics often throw the enemy off guard, allowing him to pull victory from dire situations.

On the tabletop, the Lord of Steel is a fast, melee based Commander. Unlike many Commanders, the Lord of Steel leads from the front and possesses no inherent way to improve his Company. Instead, he makes use of his mobility and Stratagems to ensure that his troops are fighting at optimum capacity.

This often means that you'll want to look at Assets that either make the Lord of Steel even more independent, such as defensive Assets, or ones that allow him to interact more with the units in his Company.

Contrary to most Commanders, the Lord of Steel only possesses a Tactics value of 1. This disadvantage means that he will have to choose his battles carefully, though he has access to cheaper Stratagems via his Brilliant Mind.

Utilizing the Lord of Steel effectively on the table is all about choosing your fights wisely and making sure he doesn't outpace your Company too greatly with his enhanced mobility.

When the Lord of Steel is zooming around the tabletop, he is sure to inspire his comrades, and strike fear into his enemies!  Head on over to our forums to discuss!