Friday Preview - Grenadiers

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  It's time for another peek into The Other Side.  Today we are looking at the Grenadiers.  The King's Empire is all about shooting, and these guys make sure that their shots get the job done!


The battlefields of the early 1900s have changed drastically from even a few decades prior. The King’s Empire has adapted to the changing nature of war by creating the Grenadiers, soldiers who are trained in the use of the grenade launcher. Fitted with the ability to use multiple types of ammo, these grenade launchers allow Grenadiers to hunt the biggest threats on the battlefield: blocks of infantry soldiers and the massive Titans. Being in the thick of fighting does not bode well for their survival rate, but the recent adoption of gas masks has given them a better chance of coming home.

On the tabletop, the Grenadiers are capable of using their Grenade Launchers to deal a lot of damage to light infantry units. They also have a good chance of taking down Titans with their high-powered Rocket Grenade attack. They are a straightforward unit, but one whose versatility makes them an excellent addition to many forces.

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Monday Preview - Bone Pile

Hey Wyrdos!  Time for another Monday Preview!  Today we are going to take a look at the Bone Pile from Broken Promises.  What is special about it, is this art is not in the new book!  This is the first look anyone is getting of it.  Let's learn a little about the Bone Pile.  

In the summer of 1906, the Ressurectionist Nicodem raised a horde of zombies and marched on the Guild Enclave.  He was defeated, however, and nearly all of his zombies were destroyed by the Death Marshals.  In the wake of his attack, corpses became scarce and the other Ressurectionists were forced to open up older tombs and crypts to find new minions.  Thus was born the Bone  Pile.  

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Friday Preview - Striped Skulkers

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  It's time for another preview from the Other Side.  We have looked at the commanders who lead their forces, and the titans who tower over the battlefields.  Now it is time to look at the units who make up the bulk of the fighting forces of the Other Side.  We are going to start with the Striped Skulkers of the Gibbering Hordes!

The Skulkers embody stealth. Their skin pigment changes to match their surroundings, making them very difficult to see until it is too late. They try to stick to dark places, slinking from shadow to shadow as they creep up on their unsuspecting prey. Worse yet, their incredibly sharp teeth contain a potent venom, making them effective against even larger prey.

On the table, Striped Skulkers are forward scouts and assassins that are more self-reliant than other Hordes forces. Unlike other units, it can sometimes be a good idea to let Striped Skulkers perish when attacked, as they can use the Endless Numbers Ability of the Gibbering Hordes Allegiance to come back almost anywhere in play. This allows them to continually reappear in strange places on the battlefield, ensuring that the opponent must continually protect their objectives to keep them from being stolen away by a unit of reappearing Skulkers.

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Tales of Malifaux 63 - The Magistrate of Stranglehold

We are proud to bring you Tales of Malifaux 63: The Magistrate of Stranglehold.  In this episode a group of conspirators discuss the rumors of Jack Daw's return to Malifaux while planning a rebellion. Click on the image above or head over to our media section to give it a listen.

Monday Preview - Yan Lo

Another Monday here at Wyrd means another Monday preview!  This time we are taking a look at some new art for Yan-Lo.  If you aren't familiar with this master, here is a bit of background on him!

Much of Yan Lo's history is lost to him. Many years ago, he was cursed for committing a terrible crime, cast out from the world of the living and forced to wander the paths of the spirit world in a confused fugue. He would be there still, were it not for his niece, Chiaki.

For years, Chiaki's parents told her the legend of her ancestor, a fearsome sorcerer who had been cursed to a wretched existence trapped halfway between life and death. When Chiaki came to Malifaux, she slowly reached out to her ancestor's spirit, cultivating the thin, flickering essence of her ancestor that still burned within the heart of the wretched spirit he had become. Gradually, she was able to rekindle that spark into a burning flame and restore her ancestor's mind.

In the years since his return to sanity, Yan Lo has served the Ten Thunders as their spy within the Resurrectionist organization. Those who are aware of his identity treat the old man with great care and respect, for they have seen first hand how ruthlessly Yan Lo harvests the souls of those who disrespect him. Ripped from whatever afterlife might have awaited them, these souls of these fools become little more than fuel for the ancient sorcerer's dark magics.

In the dark alleys of the Little Kingdom, Yan Lo is served by the Gokudo, a cult of thugs who believe they serve the mysterious Wei Lu, one of Yan Lo's false identities. Membership in the Gokudo is by invitation only, for all of them are the descendants of those who swore fealty to Yan Lo many centuries earlier. Upon reinforcing this bond with their own oaths, these unfortunate men and women become utterly subservient to the immortal sorcerer's wishes, both in this life and the next.

With the assistance of these enslaved servants, Yan Lo was able to help the Ten Thunders bring an end to the rule of Governor-General Herbert Kitchener. In exchange for his service, the Oyabun of the Ten Thunders told Yan Lo of the beast that had cursed him: the oni known as Lingxuzi. Yan Lo's own investigations confirmed the Oyabun's story, and now, the undying sorcerer seeks to find this oni in order to learn more of his past... and to punish it for the centuries of torment it had inflicted upon him.


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