Monday Preview - Commander

Boy oh boy is today a good Monday!  We are looking at some awesome new art from the upcoming Through the Breach book, Above the Law!  Check out some sweet new art and a little background below!

The Commander is one of the new Pursuits (i.e., classes) available in Above the Law. Commanders march into battle alongside subordinate troops, which they can attract to their service at the start of every session. This ensures that a Commander has a steady supply of expendable soldiers to do her bidding. As a Commander advances further into the Pursuit, she gains the ability to enhance the effectiveness of her soldiers and even call upon hidden snipers that she moved into position before the battle even started.

While most Commanders work for the Guild (they're found in the Guild expansion book, after all!), the Pursuit and the soldiers are generic enough to meet the needs of any character, no matter the faction with which she works. In the end, it's about sending good men and women to their deaths for the Commander's own benefit, and that's a cake that anyone can serve.

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Friday Preview - Karkinoi

Friday the 13th can mean bad luck to some, but over here we hope to supply some good luck!  And boy are we lucky to be able to preview the Karkinoi.  These crustaceans are members of the Gibbering Horde.  Let's take a look!


Karkinoi primarily dwell in the shallow caves along the coasts of Malifaux, though a few breeds still linger in the deeper parts of the ocean. Karkinoi are pack hunters that prefer to overwhelm creatures much larger than themselves and feed as a group. They reproduce rapidly, often laying nearly-hatched eggs into whatever parts of their prey they choose not to consume. In Malifaux, these eggs serve as food for many other creatures, but on Earth, those predators are absent and the Karkinoi population is increasing at an unchecked rate.

On the table, Karkinoi are fast, relatively durable, and hard-hitting. When coupled with their ability to Summon Egg Clutches, this creates a well-rounded melee unit that forms the backbone of the strongest hunting pods.

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Monday Preview - Medical Automaton

Monday's aren't always great, but Malifaux previews make them better!  We are continuing looking at some additional art for models out of Broken Promises!  This week we are taking a look at the Medical Automaton.  Now to find out about the job this little robot does!

Working in the mines is dangerous work, and often times, there simply aren't enough doctors to ensure that every Contract Town has someone capable of treating wounds.

The Medical Automaton arose out of that need.  At first it was seen as a bit of a marvel as it was able to perform a number of complicated tasks just as well as a skilled doctor.  As it tended to more patients, though, its flaws started to become more apparent...


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Friday Preview - Electrocutioners

It's Friday!  And that means that it's time for another preview from The Other Side.  Today we are looking at the Electrocutioners from Abyssinia.  

At the cutting edge of Abyssinian technology stand the Electrocutioners. Equipped with the latest in Soulstone powered technology, these technophiles are selected for their love of pushing the limits. They show no fear in the face of a challenge, and being the first to field test a new and potentially dangerous weapon doesn’t give them pause. In battle, their experimental electricity weapons and use of prototypes makes them a continuous force to be feared.

On the tabletop, Electrocutioners aren’t concerned about ranged or melee combat. They excel at both, and a Squad can often gain additional Actions in a turn by attaching a Prototype Asset. If you can get them into Glory, the Electrocutioners also gain access to the powerful 1.21 Gigawatts Action, easily clearing them out of melee as they travel backwards through time for a brief, crazy misadventure before returning to battle.

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