Monday Preview - Witchling Handler

After a cold weekend here, it's time for the Witchling Handler to warm us up as a part of our Monday Preview!  That sword looks nice and toasty, but I wouldn't get too close!  Let's take a peek!


Witchling Handlers are an advanced pursuit in the upcoming Through the Breach supplement, Above the Law. As one might expect, Witchling Handlers can order Witchling Stalker subordinate characters into combat, providing a very effective (and very volatile) fighting force. When a character becomes a Witchling Handler, she also gains a runed weapon that not only ignores the Incorporeal rule but also allows her to command all of her Witchling Stalkers with a single action. Furthermore, a bit of concentration while holding the runed weapon allows the Handler to discern the direction and distance to every Witchling Stalker under her control, which will no doubt open up some interesting "hide a Witchling in a crate" plans on the tabletop.

Beyond an increasing number of loyal Witchlings, Handlers gain a resistance to Burning (an occupational hazard of working with minions that explode in fireballs when killed), triggers to immediately end magical conditions, and an increased ability to wield fire magic.

Those Arcanists will never sleep peacefully again!

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Friday Preview - Barbed Crawlers

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  This week as we take a peek at the Other Side we find ourselves eye to eye with the Barbed Crawler.  Let's take a look at them!


At the bottom of the Gibbering Hordes food chain lie the Crawlers. The second most common species (if they can be called a distinct species, given their penchant for mutation) are the Barbed Crawlers. In Malifaux's oceans, these creatures swam in the shallows, launching toxic barbs from their bodies to kill their prey. Now they roam the lands and seas of Earth, looking for food and new lairs to lay their eggs.

On the table, Barbed Crawlers are one of the Gibbering Hordes’ only ranged units. Barbed Crawlers serve as a cheap source of ranged attacks and, when needed, cannon fodder. Their barbs aren't very dangerous, but the automatic application of Pinned Tokens can assist in whittling down enemy forces. When in Glory, their barbs gain a number of very useful Triggers that allow them to fill multiple battlefield roles.

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Monday Preview - Executioner

Happy Monday Wyrdos!  Now you might be thinking to yourself "Hey, the Executioner isn't new!".  And while the model has been around for a while, we are happy to show off the new Executioner Advanced Pursuit from Above the Law.  Without further ado, let's take a look!



The Executioner is an advanced pursuit for the upcoming Through the Breach expansion, Above the Law. As the name suggests, Executioners eschew subtlety for raw, visceral murdering potential.

Originally, Executioners were bodyguards and enforcers that traveled alongside the Guild's circuit judges as they made the rounds between the northern Contract Towns, settling disputes and bringing the Guild's law to the frontier. When the M&SU came into power, the willingness of Northerners to submit to Guild justice dwindled, and eventually, the circuit judges simply stopped leaving the city. The Executioners were folded into the ranks of the Guild Guard, where they have become powerful tools of intimidation and carnage.

To become an Executioner, a character has to demonstrate complete and unwavering loyalty to the Guild. If they pass the Guild's tests and agree to accept the invitation, the character is then marched off to the Amalgamation Office to have one or more of their hands replaced with deadly Executioner Claws.

As a new Executioner continues to serve the Guild, she gradually becomes more and more certain of her purpose. This grants her the powerful Love the Job Talent, which allows her to heal every time she deals a Severe Critical Effect to an opponent... and to heal quite a bit more if that Critical Effect kills her target.

By far the most amazing ability possessed by experienced Executioners, however, is the Bloody Exhibition Trigger. It takes two Rams to trigger, but if her target is suffering from one or more Critical Effects, she gains a +Ram to her attack flip, making it much easier for her to quickly bring down a wounded opponent.

Boss fights of the world beware, the Executioner is here!

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Friday Preview - Basotho Cavalry

Happy Friday!  It's time for another look at The Other Side!  This week we are taking a peek at the Basotho Cavalry of the Abysinnian faction.  


The Basotho people are from southern Africa, but they emigrated north during the Zulu expansion in the early 19th century. Encountering the Abyssinian empire, they were invited to join their ranks for mutual protection. In the years that followed, the Basotho considered it an honor to help serve in the military, and their use of Basuto horses gave them a distinct role in the empire's battles. Excellent harriers, the Basotho Cavalry lay down a torrent of gunfire to control enemy movements, allowing slower Abyssinian forces to engage on their terms.

On the tabletop, Basotho Cavalry have incredible Speed. When combined with their Missile weapons, this allows them to harass enemy units by giving out Pinned Tokens. Controlling the opponent’s mobility can be key to making sure Abyssinian forces aren’t outnumbered in skirmishes around the table.

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