Friday Preview - July 21

*Queue Jaws theme music*

The oceans are pretty crazy places in the real world, so of course in Malifaux they take danger to a whole new level.  Nothing epitomizes danger quite like the Frenzy, one of the commanders of the Gibbering Hordes.

As far as Commanders go, the Frenzy is one of the stranger ones. Rather than a powerful individual, they are actually a group of creatures known as Frenzies that travel in a hunting pack.

Frenzies have a strict, hierarchical command structure. If there are three Frenzies or less in a pod, they work together to bully the weaker creatures into submission. If there are more than three Frenzies, only the strongest three are in charge. Though this arrangement is simple, there are regular challenges to authority, and in larger pods, the three Frenzies in charge of the group can change quite regularly.

Frenzies are capable of a very rudimentary form of telepathic communication. They do not speak but instead project their thoughts outward. They cannot read or command thoughts, and it is incredibly challenging for them to single out a single person with their thoughts (essentially the equivalent of a whisper).

These telepathic emanations can be felt by those the Frenzy are not attempting to communicate with, which can create an intense amount of discomfort or even fear as others pick up on the hunger and drive of the Frenzy.

On the table, the Frenzy benefits immensely from being a Squad. Most importantly, they can Reinforce if they lose members, which gives them a greater capacity to survive incoming attacks than most Commanders.

Each Frenzy operates independently, though they must still adhere to the 8" distance limiter. This means that the Frenzy gets three Actions from an Order in addition to their one Morale Action, which can be quite deadly, given the strength of the Tear Apart Action.

Even if the Frenzy is uninjured, it can still use Reinforcement Tokens to make extra attacks. This makes the Frenzy a very "lead from the front" Commander.

The Frenzy is a vicious commander who is going to be a scary sight.  Unless he happens to be on your side, in which case he will cut a swathe through your enemies.  Come and share your own thoughts on this model over on the forums!

Friday Preview - Prince Unathi

What a week of news!  We have seen a lot of cool stuff this week, so time to end on a high note by taking a look at one of our Abyssinian commanders, Prince Unathi.  

Prince Unathi Zerezghi is the next in line for the Abyssinian dynasty. Like all Abyssinian rulers, he sees leadership as a privilege that must be earned. The undercurrent of growing conflict in the world led him to join the Abyssinian armed services, and, given the outbreak of global war, it seems he made a wise choice.

Prince Unathi is a calculating commander, and he believes strongly in the ability of Abyssinian technology to overcome any obstacle. He puts this to test on the battlefield by asking those under his command to run field tests on various pieces of experimental equipment that might better help the Abyssinian forces as a whole.

Unathi has a deep love for the people of Abyssinia, and he is willing to make nearly any sacrifice for their betterment. Nowhere is this more obvious than the use of his powerful rocket launcher, which has been outfitted with poison canisters. The Prince's concern for his enemies is almost nonexistent, and he is acutely aware of how many Abyssinian lives his poison gas has saved.

On the tabletop, Prince Unathi is a generalist. He has a potent Missile attack and two strong Morale support actions that ensure he can apply force where needed.

Unlike the Lord of Steel, Prince Unathi can begin to lose effectiveness as your forces are depleted. His Call for Reinforcement Action helps to offset this by allowing easy replenishment of any lost Fireteams.

Effectively taking advantage of the Field Test Action can set up a lot of beneficial situations for Unathi. Prototype Actions are often quite potent, but they require you to discard a card. By using Unathi's Field Test to take those Actions, you can draw a card afterward. This allows for efficient card cycling, as low cards can be discarded in the hopes of drawing better cards.

Prince Unathi is an all-around solid soldier, only lacking in Melee options. Getting the most out of him boils down to a player's ability to read the battlefield and apply his Actions to the right location.

Prince Unathi is going to be a great well rounded commander, doing some damage and supporting his troops.  Head on over to our forums to discuss!