Waldo's Weekly - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo decided to take some much needed time off and joined the Imp Scouts at summer camp. With him not spending his weekdays in the office setting things on fire, fixing sinks, and cooking for the team, he’s had plenty of time to earn some Impractical Pins instead, such as Forestry (controlled burns), PC Repair (soldering), Taxidermy (self-explanatory), and Baking (and simultaneously obtaining the Cremation Pin at the same time – what an overachiever).

So while we’re enjoying the peace and quiet, we thought it was a good time to gather around the table and pick up where we last left off in our Through the Breach campaign. C’mon, let’s dip our toes in. The water’s fine.

Rather than preview something that will become available in the coming months as we usually do in Waldo’s Weeklies, we’re taking a slightly different approach this time around. Instead, what we’re unveiling is launching today on DriveThruRPG.  


Fatemasters, rejoice! A new Through the Breach One Shot adventure is now available. Gather the Fated around the table, because it’s time for a dungeon crawl. Or a dilapidated and drowning Contract Town crawl. Or a sink hole swim crawl. Whatever suits your fancy.

In Silurid Showdown, the Fated will be headed to Contract Town #37 to investigate some strange happenings, as the Fated tend to do. This time, though, something fishy is going on. A constant heavy rain falls from above, flooding the town and the nearby mines, which is leaving the residents homeless and jobless. I wonder what could be causing the torrential downpour… What could possibly be in the murky depths of the Frostrun River in the Northern Hills?  

To find out more (and ultimately begin your adventure), grab your rain boots, head over to DriveThruRPG, and pick up Silurid Showdown now!


Speaking of digital books… If you didn’t yet hear, we have a special promotion running from now until December 15th. If you have purchased any of the physical M3E books (including the Core Rulebook and the Faction Books), you can submit your itemized receipt to receive a digital PDF of the same book that you purchased. If you haven’t yet filled out the form for the digital book promotion, head here.

We’re already starting to give out those codes for digital PDFs, too. If you purchased a Faction Book from us during the online Gen Con sale and sent in a receipt for your Faction Book order to receive a digital copy, check your email (specifically the email that you provided us). You should now have access to download the books digitally.

Pre-orders from your local game store for books will be fulfilled next, starting with orders for the Core Rules, and the Neverborn, Guild, and Arcanist Faction Books. Because the Ten Thunders, Resurrectionists, Bayou, and Outcast Faction Books are slotted to be released in October, those digital books will be provided then.

If you have any questions or concerns about the promotion, head over to our Contact page: https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact


Breachside Broadcast - Tales of Malifaux Episode 112

The latest episode of Tales of Malifaux is now available! Find out what happens when the Governor-General pays Toni Ironsides a visit in the Price of Freedom: Part One!

To give it a listen, either click on the image below to be sent to the Breachside Broadcast page, or use the handy embedded widget!


Waldo's Weekly - Same Ghost Every Night

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo had a mental breakdown. Despite all the hellfire, brimstone, and burps, it turns out our little imp was more sensitive than we originally thought. In an effort to ease his mind, we built a makeshift sauna in the warehouse and cranked it up a couple hundred degrees (just a little hotter than the Georgia standard temperature) and within minutes, he was right at home. But just in case, we scheduled a therapy appointment for him (but not before explaining to them that their new patient has a tendency to spontaneously combust, of course).

So while he’s out teaching his therapist how to use a fire extinguisher, it’s time for us to reveal another upcoming unit in The Other Side, the Gwisin!


In The Other Side’s core rulebook, readers got just a glimpse of the ever looming Neverborn threat on Earth. These conspirators, spies, and spirits reach out into every human society and culture, pulling and plucking on their strings like violinists manipulating all who listen. We were introduced to their leader, Anton de Wils, a mysterious and ancient shapeshifter, but were only presented with more questions than answers. He rules from the shadows with fear and chaos, and at the command of Binh Nguyen and Kirai Ankoku, his army of captured and enslaved ghosts allow for his work to be completed in relative secrecy.

But secrets can only remain secrets for so long. Rumors are spreading of translucent, masked apparitions popping up in strange places, seeking vengeance against those who have wronged them in their previous lives. How the Court of Two has managed to manipulate and control these ethereal spirits as soldiers in their endless army is unclear, but these old spirits bring with them a haunting and formidable presence on the battlefield.


The Gwisin are an unit for the Court of Two in the Other Side, contained in the upcoming Starter Box and sold separately so players can add more to their ghostly Company if they so desire.

Unlike most units in The Other Side, the Gwisin can essentially act independently of one another, allowing themselves to spread out across the table. This becomes particularly handy when paired with their Revenge Ability, which allows them to strike back at an opponent if a nearby friendly Fireteam suffers a Hit. But because they are single model Fireteams, they’ll need to rely on the Court of Two’s Ghostly Ability, provided by their Envoy/Allegiance card, allowing them to discard a Crow from their hand to avoid being damaged. The Gwisin also become more powerful the longer they stay on the table, as their Magical Melee Attack, Ethereal Viscera, grows stronger based on the Turn.

If you feel a cold breeze out of the blue, or feel something gently brush against your skin but nothing seems to be there when you take a look, or you hear an object in the distance fall without rhyme or reason, consider taking a picture or grabbing a mirror. Below is a render of the Gwisin; if you see these spirits in your Polaroid or in the reflection, we consider going for a light jog and possibly never coming back.


But this week isn’t all ghosts and haunts.

We’re also excited to talk about the special offer that we had previously announced is now up and running.

For any and all of the Malifaux Third Edition books (which includes the Core Rulebook and the Faction books) that you purchased a physical copy of, you can now submit your receipt to receive a digital PDF of the same book that you purchased.

This offer starts NOW and will continue through December 15th. Please allow for 10 business days to receive your digital DriveThruRPG code (oh, you’ll need a DriveThruRPG account, just in case that wasn’t clear). We’ll start handing out the digital codes in the middle of the month, but you can start submitting your receipts now.

And, yes, if you ordered an M3E book during our Gen Con web sale, the receipt you received counts toward this promotion. Even if you have not yet received your physical copy yet, you can get your digital book this month. You just have to send your receipt in to us by using the appropriate form.

To start, head to our special promotion page HERE.

That’s it from us. See you next week!

Waldo's Weekly - Happiness is a Warm Gun

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo decided to show his appreciation for us by getting a meat lover’s pizza for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, some of us are either vegan, lactose intolerant, or can’t eat gluten, so he essentially bought an extra-large pizza for himself. At least it’s better than the last time he offered us lunch - nobody was interested in the leftover platter of fried shrimp tails (well, mostly nobody).

So while Waldo is polishing off the last few slices, we thought it would be a good time to reveal a Squad in The Other Side’s upcoming Starter Box, the Guild’s Gatling Gunners!


While the proverbial and omnipresent grip of the Guild is starting to show some cracks on Earth, the strength of their Gatling Gunners might obfuscate that truth. Whether you bring the Guild as a One Commander Company or use them as a Syndicate to complement another Allegiance in a Two Commander game, these gunmen will make sure your opponents will think twice before making a move in their line of sight.

This unit is the definition of a gunline – and it’s a formidable one at that. These Guild soldiers can intimidate the enemy just by looking at the bullet casings blanketing their sandbags. There’s a pretty good chance they came from their Hail of Bullets Ability; the Gatling Gunners aren’t likely to move a lot during a game. When they focus their shots, they'll gain some extra oomph, hitting harder than they already do. 


The Gatling Gunners will be packaged with other Guild models, as well as Court of Two models, in the upcoming Starter Box for The Other Side. They will also be made available separately so you can add more to your Company.

But wait! There’s more content for The Other Side to cover. Over the last few months, we took another look at the balance of the game and have made some adjustments. The August 2019 Errata and FAQ are now live on our website. You can find this information on the Resources section of The Other Side’s site.

Here is a quick list of the models that are being adjusted:

Kassa Okoye: While she’s still one of our favorite Commanders to put on the table, as it turns out, she might have been over-performing a bit, particularly with generating resources. We toned that down a bit while also made some of her Actions a little clearer in how they were originally meant to work. Kassa will still see plenty of play on the table now, but she won’t be filling up a player’s hand with a near-endless amount of cards by punching her own robots.

Mechanized Infantry: We adjusted the Mechanized Infantry slightly because their AVs were stacking with each attack into unruly numbers without any drop-off, making them difficult to play against. While the feeling is still there, now they are only helping out their Fireteams when they go against the same target.

Margaret Belle: This nimble spymaster once traversed the battlefield too easily with very little risk (and a whole lot of reward). Her Shadow Magic Ability has been adjusted a hair; while she can still move around the table considerably easier than most, players will now need to think twice about utilizing her resources to get where she needs to be.

Artillery Team: Unfortunately, these cannoneers didn’t see a lot of play, so we gave them a little more firepower and a new meaningful Trigger on their Heavy Howitzer that impacts the game, even if they miss their shot. Now we believe that they are a worthwhile choice in just about any Garrison.

Immolated Rhino: Some people (namely our playerbase) appear to be allergic to Cinnamon, so we addressed those allergies by making this escaped animal slightly less ferocious on the battlefield. While they’re still difficult to take down and can dish out plenty of damage, they’re much more manageable for the opponent this time around.

The Frenzy: With the previous iteration (and the Relics of Ancient Malifaux Asset), the Frenzy acted more like underwater clerics than predators with jagged teeth and sharp claws. Now, along with their updated Shark Tooth Necklaces Asset, they are encouraged to follow the hyper-aggressive role that they were originally intended to fill.

Devouring Eel: This pesky, hungry fish was a little too difficult to take out of commission thanks to its Regeneration Ability, so we toned that down a tad so it is more manageable for the opponent while still being a terrifying presence on the board.

Gibbering Hordes (as a whole): Overall, we saw that this Allegiance was underperforming competitively and thanks to some funky wording, made the opponent gain points for just doing what they wanted to do (and have a nice meal). Expect to see the Hordes continuously come back into the battlefield as originally intended now, all the while still getting a quick snack to flip to Glory.

In addition to these adjustments, we also added more questions to the FAQ and fixed some issues with some Stratagems and Assets, as well. 

You can see some of the card changes by checking out the gallery below. To see a full list of changes (which includes all of the updates to the FAQ and Errata), head here or to the TOS Resources section.

You can also find all of The Other Side’s Errata cards (including those adjustments made in January) on WargameVault right now!

That’s it from us. Next week, we’ll be talking more upcoming units for The Other Side!

Waldo's Weekly - Coming Down the Mountain

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, the break room’s kitchen sink started to leak, and before we even had the opportunity to call our plumber, Waldo was already beneath the countertop and messing around with the pipes. We should have been skeptical of his over-confidence, as we not only have to buy a new sink (and a fridge, a microwave, and a coffee pot), but we also have to figure out how to get him out from under there. At least his gut seems to be doing the trick with holding back the water in the meantime.

So while Waldo’s stuck wallowing in his own mistakes, let’s take a look at one of the last few remaining unrevealed characters in Malifaux Third Edition: the Geryon!


After decades for many and centuries for some, the all-seeing Euripides and his loyal Gigants are finally coming down from the mountains to join the fray and hopefully tip the scales in their favor. Leading the pack (behind carefully placed Ice Pillars, of course) are the twisted monstrosities known as the Geryon.


These twisted behemoths pack a (boulder-sized) punch on the battlefield, but can do a lot more for your Savage Crew than just pummel your enemies into oblivion. Their Shoulder Rush Tactical Action allows them to knock aside an Ice Pillar into a nearby opponent, potentially dealing out some extra damage before they either swing in or heal themselves with Reform from Ice.

And you can expect these adorable aberrations to hit store shelves this winter!

In the meantime, download and enjoy some Geryon mobile wallpapers.


But that’s not all we’re talking about this week.

M3E Alt Stat Cards are now available on WarGameVault!

That’s right! If you run a model or Crew that is an alternate version of a standard character and have been patiently waiting to get a hold of the Malifaux Third Edition stat cards, then the wait is finally over. You can now head over to WarGameVault to find Dr. Dufresne, the Crazy Cat Lady’s Crew, and much more.

In addition to the alt stat cards, you can also find all of the Strategies and Schemes cards there. You can find the full Strats and Schemes bundle here.

And if you’d prefer to print them out yourselves, you can find them here.

That’s it from us. Next week, we’ll be showing off some upcoming content for The Other Side!

Waldo's Weekly -Technologic

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we introduced Waldo to the greatest piece of technology in the last 20 years that fits inside our pocket: the cell phone, simultaneously introducing him to the internet in the process, as well. We made sure to steer him clear of any comments sections so he didn’t pop a blood vessel, and instead showed him a 10 hour video of a fireplace. He’s on his 9th hour and hasn’t moved an inch. We’ll remember this the next time he wants to set our Wyrdscapes aflame (again).

So while he’s been taken out of commission thanks to a looping holiday video, let’s take a look at the upcoming Malifaux Third Edition: Crew Builder app!


In just a few weeks, we will be launching the app to both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for the low cost of absolutely free. You won’t need to pay for cards or any additional functionality. Everyone who has either an Android or Apple device will be have full access to every feature and stat card on the app without having to pay a dime. And if you don’t have a mobile device, don’t worry. We’ll be coming out with a web version later this year.

With the Crew Builder app, you’ll be able to build a Crew (duh), share your Crew with your friends, check out every Stat Card in the game, track games via either local or network connections, read the Wyrd news, listen to Breachside Broadcast as you’re playing, and more.


After you’ve built your Crew and are ready to face an opponent, you’ll be able to generate Strategies and Schemes, keep track of your Crew information (everything from Health, Conditions, Tokens, Victory Points, and more) while also seeing your opponent’s tracked information, as well. You’ll also have access to Reference card information as you’re playing – just in case you want to read an Upgrade or a model’s card that you haven’t summoned that you might not have dished out just yet.


This app originally started as a labor of love from one of our community members, DZ Liergaard. They’ve gone the extra mile in adding some polish and working with us directly to make the app the best it can be. There are a ton of great features in this app, and we can’t wait for our community to get their hands on it.

If you can’t wait a few weeks and need to have the app now, we have more news: we are currently looking for beta testers to put the app to the test. If you are interested in helping us out with ironing out the last few wrinkles, sign up here.

That’s it from us this week. We’ll have more news on the app soon!

Breachside Broadcast - Episode 110

After a brief hiatus, we are back with the latest episode of Tales of Malifaux!

In this episode, the new Governor-General tries to figure out a way to take down some of the Resurrectionists, once and for all, but those necromancers have some tricks up their sleeves.

Give the first part of Post Mortem a listen by clicking on the image below!