Monday Preview - Fitzsimmons and Saboteurs

Happy Monday Wyrdos!  Today we are going to continue to look at Backdraft.  This time though, we will be taking a peek at the Arcanist side of things.  Let's see what Fitzsimmons and his Saboteurs are up to!


Joshua Fitzsimmons and his Saboteurs are M&SU agents who focus on the Union's more destructive goals. Fitzsimmons' most interesting ability is his Spring Traps, which transforms friendly Scheme Markers within 6" of him into explosives that damage all enemy models around it. When combined with his Arson action - which lets him burn a Scheme Marker and an enemy model standing near it to the ground - this makes Fitzsimmons very good at offensive board control. Better yet, his "I Didn't Start the Fire" action lets him end the Burning Condition on an enemy model to place a Scheme Marker in base contact with that model, allowing him to go both ways.

His disguised Saboteurs follow this theme with their Detonate Hidden Charges action. This lets them damage and give Burning to enemy models within 2" of a Scheme Marker, all without discarding that Scheme Marker. They aren't quite as fire-focused as Fitzsimmons, however, and also carry Poisoned Knives to shake things up a bit. Both of these actions play right into the hands of their Set Up for Success ability, which allows a Saboteur to draw a card after it resolves an action that dealt damage to an enemy model within 2" of a Scheme Marker.

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Friday Preview - Immolated Rhino

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  Today we have a new Friday preview from the Cult of the Burning Man.  The Burning Man's power can affect more than humanity, and in some cases has affected the wildlife.  This preview is of one of those affected creatures.  


It’s not just humanity that has been touched by the corrupting magic of the Burning Man. Many Earth animals have also been warped by its effects, but none more so than the rhino. This unexplained phenomenon caused a panic in the zoos of San Francisco and London, as the transformed rhinos were granted increased strength and intelligence by the same process that transformed their bellies into searing furnaces. Once a rhino becomes magically corrupted, it seeks out conflict in an effort to cause as much destruction as it can.

On the table, Immolated Rhinos function best when given the Rush Order and unleashed upon the opponent. Coupled with an ability to pulse out Hits, even a single Rhino is often too potent for the enemy to ignore. Their Consumed by Magic and Incarnation of Flames Abilities make them great distractions, as it will often take a great deal of firepower to permanently end an Immolated Rhino's corrupted life.

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Tales of Malifaux 76 - High Noone pt. 2

Come and check out a new Tale of Malifaux!  This week, in the thrilling conclusion of High Noone, Colonel Noone sets off into the mountains with a contingent of Guild soldiers in search of the elusive Marcus and his army of beasts.  Will his quest succeed?  Come find out by clicking on the image below! 

Monday Preview - Popcorn Turner & Cooper Jones

Happy Monday Wyrdos!  We are taking a look at the other part of the Gremlins in the Backdraft Encounter box with Popcorn Turner and Cooper Jones.  Take a peek!


Popcorn Turner and his assistant, Cooper Jones, are prominent brewers in the southern Bayou. Popcorn brings the potent Induction ability into the Gremlin faction, increasing the damage that nearby enemies suffer from Poison by +2. Better yet, he protects friendly models from suffering Poison damage, making all of those Tri-Chi models that gain Poison while healing themselves all the more effective at staying on the table.

As if Popcorn weren't borrowing enough from McMourning's playbook, he can also force models to immediately suffer damage equal to their Poison Condition, up to a maximum of five damage. When combined with the ability to light enemy models on fire and discard scheme markers to self-heal, this makes Popcorn Turner a very potent ally for the Brewmaster.

Cooper Jones, meanwhile, is capable of putting a good deal of Poison onto enemies, which supports her boss quite well. Her obsession with barrels allows her to break down scheme markers to heal nearby Constructs, or she can just hide inside of a barrel to increase her Armor. Better yet, if she gets a few drinks into her, she can turn scheme markers into Whiskey Gamin... without spending a single Action. Plus, just look at that awesome blowtorch!

This dynamic duo is sure to be a hit at parties, firework conventions, and in just about any Gremlin crew that enjoys a few good drinks.

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Friday Preview - Kassa Okoye

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  It's time for another Friday Preview!  This week we are looking at one of the Dual Faction Commanders.  We start by looking at Kassa who can be a commander for both Abyssinia and the King's Empire.  


Kassa Okoye showed a penchant for engineering from a very young age. Even among the youth in Abyssinia, she was particularly gifted.

After a childhood of intense schooling, Kassa eventually left to join the Abyssinian army. She was placed with the engineers, in charge of keeping equipment functioning for the front lines. Over time, she proved to be a capable soldier and demonstrated shrewd tactical prowess on the battlefield.

After rapid promotion, she was sent as an emissary to the King's Empire to promote good relations between the Empire and Abyssinia. There, she worked with engineers and their Guild technology, heightening her craft with a completely different type of machinery.

Kassa never had trouble making friends, and she easily was accepted as a fellow woman-at-arms in the Empire's forces.

Upon returning to Abyssinia, she was given the freedom to explore her own inventions and ideas. She has chosen to do so on the various battlefields unfolding across the globe.

On the tabletop, Kassa supports the massive constructs known as Titans. She gains resources when they are damaged, repairs them, and lets them take extra Actions.

Though she functions best in her supporting role, she is capable of putting up a good fight in her own right. Kassa is no slouch with a machine gun and can lay down a good firebase all by herself.

Kassa's greatest weakness is that when her Company's Titans have all fallen in battle, much of her usefulness dissipates. Ideally, she will have gained enough resources and advantages by that point that she'll be able to coast to victory with just her machine gun.

Kassa is a fan of any Assets that give her another Morale Action, as that lets her stay at maximum effectiveness even when there is no friendly Titan nearby.

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