Malifaux - The Guild - Sonnia Criid

Nellie Cochrane

Nellie Cochrane is the editor in chief of the Malifaux Tattler. She originally owned and operated a small paper in Ridley, but after exposing massive Union corruption, she was offered a position in Malifaux in charge of the city’s finest (and only legal) paper, with the implicit understanding that she would not be exposing any massive Guild corruption any time soon.

Many people in Malifaux see the Guild as corrupt, vicious, and brutal. Nellie is none of these things. She is a genuine person with a quick tongue. She understands that words have power: the power to compel, the power to mystify, and the power to change the course of history itself. Her pen is her weapon, and with it she battles the lies and reveals the truth of the city, not through viciousness or violence, but through argument and alliteration.

Nellie relentlessly seeks out new stories, exposing corruption and vice wherever she finds them… except within the Guild. This censorship might rankle her journalistic ethics, but she’s convinced herself it’s a small price to pay for the ability to reach such a large readership. The perks of having reporters, fancy cameras, and an office with her name on it doesn’t hurt, either.

Box Set

Nellie’s box contains six models, including Nellie herself. She is accompanied by her friend and bodyguard Phiona Gage, a tough ex-miner who has an amazing control over stone. Her totem, the Printing Press is very tough and supplies Nellie with additional cards and the Evidence Condition, and the Reporters are fantastic, cheap Minions excellent for accomplishing Schemes.


Nellie Cochrane is a Guild Master who excels as disrupting her opponents. She is excellent at forcing opposing models to move, which breaks their synergies and forces them to waste their time getting back into position. She can be a tricky Master to use, relying on her Evidence Condition for powerful effects, but skilled players will find that she is a terrifying force to be reckoned with. Her Crews will tend to be filled with bigger, more costly models, which can benefit from the tricks up Nellie’s sleeve.

Propaganda is Nellie’s go-to attack action, and you will find yourself using it regularly. With it you may lower her Evidence Condition to apply multiple Triggers, potentially allowing Nellie to damage an enemy model, push it up to 5”, make the target Slow, and allow another friendly model to attack it all with a single AP. Nellie gains Evidence at the start of her Activation or when an enemy model interacts near her, and she can spend her Evidence to push models (friendly or enemy) which fail an Attack Action near her. Finally, she can reposition models with her Hot Off The Presses action and use Lead to discard a Scheme Marker to push up to 6”, making positioning easy for her own Crew.

Nellie’s Upgrades add a plethora of great Abilities. Embedded allows Nellie to hire up to four Mercenaries without paying the Mercenary tax. Misleading Headlines allows Nellie’s Crew to “pass” an Activation by discarding a card or the Evidence Condition which prevents it from being out-activated, and gives her Incite to better control Activation order. Finally, Delegation allows her to heal her own models or give them Fast. When you put it all together you have a versatile Master with a fun bag of tricks who excels at disrupting the opponent’s plans.