Having dealt with her sister’s false claim upon the Nephilim, Nekima has finally risen to the position of master. As one might expect, she is a terrifying melee combatant who is capable of both great speed and immense damage. Not surprisingly, the thematic Ability linking her thematic crew together is the Black Blood of the Nephilim, which splashes out to damage those around them each time they are wounded.


Once, there were two sisters, one greater in strength, the other in mind, but joined as if sharing a single soul. They walked as one, heiresses of a world, unconcerned with the future, until on the edge of the sea they met a strange woman who offered a grim portent: neither can rule while the other lives.

Over a century ago, ten years after the Breach was first opened and humanity spilled into Malifaux, blood was shed. Summoning the Nephilim, Nekima launched an attack against those humans that were brave or stupid enough to cross. For days she slaughtered any she found, and as the Breach flickered closed, she hurled her last victim through with a single word carved on his chest… “Ours.”

Nekima’s victory was short lived. Returning home, she found Lilith waiting, with Zoraida whispering in her ear. Lilith accused Nekima of turning the Nephilim down a doomed path, and in her confusion and anger, Nekima drew her blade - a simple motion that started a century-long war.

Neither could rule while the other lived.

The reopening of the Breach pushed the divided Nephilim to their breaking point, but it also lead to the untimely return of Queen Titania. Lilith rejected Titania’s alliance immediately, but the Autumn Queen found her ally in Nekima instead. Together, they tore Lilith from her throne and tossed her in the very prison that kept Titania away from Malifaux for as long as it did.

Now Nekima is queen of the Nephilim, of the blood that

runs black… but Titania remains. Every day the Fae grow in strength while Nekima struggles to maintain her own. She sees Titania’s plots in everything, smells the fires of human invaders on her doorstep, hears Lilith’s voice in her mind, speaking the words she heard so long ago, on the edge of the seas...

Neither can rule while the other lives.

And so Nekima ventures forth into the oft ignored corners of Malifaux, turning over stone and corpse alike to uncover mysteries of the past to understand her new enemy.

Keyword - Nephilim





Blood Hunter


Mature Nephilim x3

Young Nephilim x3

Terror Tot x3

Lelu x2

Lilitu x2

Black Blood Shaman x2

Corrupted Hound x4