Malifaux - Resurrectionist   - Molly


Miss Squidpiddge was an up and coming journalist when the Breach reopened. Her intelligence and gift for ferreting out the truth made her a household name in Malifaux, particularly on the day that Seamus brutally murdered her. She made headlines again mere days later, when he crashed her funeral to publicly resurrect, and then steal, her body. From then on, she followed him obediently as one of his girls.

Seamus was not aware of the deeper truth to Molly’s resurrection though. She has been killed on at least one future occasion, but reanimated by his continued use of the cursed Gorgon’s Tear. Her long term connection to the Gorgon restored her mind and some of her will, allowing her old personality to surface more. She has even been able to publish investigative articles in the Malifaux Times, despite the reluctance the editors have to publish material from the dead.

Her returning intelligence has also brought independence to Molly, and in recent times she has bucked Seamus’s commands and set out on her own. Even Seamus’ belles, normally unswervingly loyal to him, can be convinced to obey her. So far, she has used this freedom to build as much of a “life” for herself as she can. She is even able to enjoy the company of the living occasionally, if she is sufficiently careful.

Molly has become a symbol to those undead who have some semblance of will. Feared by humanity and rejected by their creators, they flock to her side.

In the shadows, the Gorgon watches and waits. Molly’s unusual resurrection was no accident.

Box Set

Molly Squidpiddge’s box comes with six models, including Molly herself. Philip and the Nanny serves as her henchmen, and together the two of them create a single henchmen with plenty of unique tricks. The Necrotic Machine serves as Molly’s totem, while the Crooligans provide her crew with a group of exceptionally slippery minions who excel at capturing an objective before fading back into the mists. 


Molly is the only Undead Resurrectionist Master; she and her ensemble of forgotten creations seek to take back the night which is rightfully theirs. She is a tricky Master who is hard to kill and can even use summoning offensively. Belles always work well in her lists, but depending on which Upgrade she takes she will likely want either Horrors or Spirits as well.

Molly has a good variety of tricks up her sleeve: she can give enemy models penalties with the Whispered Secret Action, cause damage using Revelation, buff her Crew, and summon. Her summoning spell, The Ones Left Behind, is interesting because she brings her models into play by sucking the life force out of the enemies around them. This means that she can use her summon aggressively, damaging enemies while dropping one of her Undead in their midst. On the other hand, if there are no enemy models around, the model she summons will not survive. Her tendency to stay near the enemy coupled with her great defenses makes her a Master you want to keep near the Action.

There are two Limited Upgrades available to Molly: Forgotten Path and Forgotten Life. Forgotten Path allows her to summon Spirits and grant Black Blood to friendly Spirits and Belles near her (the Black Blood Ability creates an acidic spray, damaging nearby models when the model with Black Blood is damaged). Forgotten Life does the same thing for Horrors. This allows her to summon models into the middle of the enemy, sap their life force in the process, and then force them to deal with the acid-spewing monster that is left next to them. All in all, Molly is an adaptable and resilient force to be reckoned with.