Malifaux - Ten Thunders & Outcast - Misaki


As a child, Misaki lived in her father's shadow. It wasn't until he decided that she would be part of their first wave infiltrating Malifaux that she was able to come into her own. Already skilled at martial arts, her ability was increased greatly during the passage through the Breach, allowing her to defend herself with ease. Having entered under the guise of a Guild lifer, it was not easy to earn the respect needed to manage the Ten Thunders' affairs. Under her tutelage, those under her charge have become an elite team of fighters, working well in small groups and often able to overcome poor odds.

Misaki earned her father's respect and he granted her the title of First Lieutenant, giving her the power to act in his name as Oyabun. Misaki is constantly torn between doing things her own way and honoring her father and her family, between using the knowledge she has learned about Malifaux and obeying her leader's wishes. This conflict often brings father and daughter to disagree, though it is the elder's decisions which are typically carried out.

Her weapon of choice is the Bisento, a bladed polearm, which she manipulates smoothly despite its size. She is a master at keeping an opponent at arm’s length, and few can match her control over close combat.

Box Set

Misaki’s box comes with six models, including Misaki herself. The fearsome Ototo is her henchman, and his massive tetsubo means a sudden end her his lady’s enemies. The mystical Shang bounds along behind Misaki as she backflips into combat, healing her even as it brings her crew good fortune. Rounding out the crew are the Torakage, trained assassins who are as quick and deadly as one would expect of any ninja. 


Misaki belongs to both the Ten Thunders and the Outcast Factions. She is a fast assassin, able to strike in unexpected locations and then escape before your opponent can react. She works well with any models, allowing for a lot of diversity, but she also has the ability to boost Last Blossom minions through an Upgrade.

The capability and power to fight in melee are certainly Misaki’s area, but her expertise is really about choosing the correct battle. One of her defining abilities is Diving Charge, which lets her charge models even when engaged, ignoring terrain and other models when she does so. Combined with her automatic trigger of Next Target on all her attacks, Misaki is capable of moving great distances while still getting her full 3 attacks. Used to her fullest extent, no enemy models will be safe from her bisento as she maneuvers around the battlefield in relative safety.

Misaki has two Limited Upgrades: Disguise and Stalking Bisento. They function differently, allowing Misaki to further highlight one of her playstyles. Disguise prevents her from being charged, allowing her to more safely move around the battlefield and pick her targets. Combined with the Deadly Dance action, she can avoid melee very easily. Stalking Bisento, on the other hand, increases her attack capabilities. With this Upgrade, she can Stalk an enemy model, allowing her to move when it does. Misaki receives multiple bonuses when attacking a model that has been stalked.