Since killing her father and assuming control of the Ten Thunders, Misaki has been forced to put aside her Outcast ways and is no longer dual faction. Now, she functions as a pure ninja assassin, utilizing shadow magic to disappear on the battlefields. When Misaki Activates, she can appear next to these shadows and strike her enemies from the darkness. Following their Oyabun’s command, the Last Blossom Crew work as agents of death, utilizing their Assassination Ability to grant them additional bonuses for eliminating unsuspecting victims.


As a child, Misaki lived in the shadow of her father, Baojun Katanaka. It wasn’t until he decided that she would be part of their first wave of infiltrators entering Malifaux that she was finally able to break out from under his stifling presence and act on her own. A childhood of relentless martial arts and weapons training allowed her to quickly dispatch a number of troublesome gangs to clear the way for her father’s people.

When the Katanaka family finally arrived in Malifaux and established the Ten Thunders, Misaki was granted the title of First Lieutenant, giving her the power to act in her father’s name as Oyabun. Unfortunately, her father was unable to see her as the skilled combatant she had become. Nothing she did was ever great enough to earn his respect, and time and time again, her trusted agents brought her word that she was being mocked and belittled behind her back.

In 1907, Baojun Katanaka decided to capitalize upon the chaos that had overtaken Malifaux by ordering strikes against the power bases of the other factions. Misaki counseled against the plan, claiming that it was short-sighted, and was rewarded for her caution by being backhanded by her father and scolded as one might a child.

Working from the shadows, Misaki’s loyal agents sabotaged her father’s plans, and when he learned of her betrayal, she challenged him to a duel for control of the Katanaka family. Rather than lose face in front of his most powerful subordinates, Baojun agreed and was cut down by his daughter, who then ordered the death of his most loyal lieutenants, save for Minako Rei, who had betrayed the former Oyabun to support Misaki’s claim to rule.

Since becoming Oyabun, Misaki has struggled to balance her love for combat with the burdens of leadership. She feels obligated to run the criminal empire her father built to the best of her ability, but she feels boxed in by her responsibilities and unable to react in the swift and decisive manner to which she was accustomed. When she is finally able to escape her duties and lead a mission herself, Misaki revels in the freedom waiting for her in the shadows.

Keyword - Last Blossom




Minako Rei





Wokou Raider x3

Katanaka Crime Boss x2

Katanaka Sniper x2

Torakage x3

Thunder Archer x3