Malifaux - Ten Thunders & Arcanist   - Mei Feng

Mei Feng

Full of fire before she came to Malifaux, Mei Feng found herself with an even closer affinity for the element after passing through the Breach. Strangely, it was not the elemental fires that fuel many Guild or Arcanist creations that called to her, but rather the blazing heat of the forges. It was the fire of creation and, through it, Mei discovered that she could heat metal and bend it to her will, creating constructs with the grace of a tiger but skin as hard as steel.

With this ability, it is little wonder that she found herself working on Malifaux's new rail lines and quickly in charge of her own crew. Between her natural charisma and her ability to offer mechanical replacement parts at a lower premium than the Guild, she has quickly found her way into the hearts of the other Union workers. Ramos took longer to convince, but she is now an established Miners and Steamfitters Union member. With her natural skill and her various constructs, Mei can speed up the construction of the rail line or slow it down based on what the Oyabun of the Ten Thunders requires of her.

Her relationship with the Oyabun is tenuous. She knows that once she has proven herself to be less than useful, he will dispose of her, but while her own ambitions are not directly tied to the path of the Ten Thunders, it is through their will that she is even in Malifaux.

Box Set

Mei Feng’s box comes with six models, including Mei Feng herself. Her second-in-command is Kang, a burly rail worker who inspires his allies even as he swings his mighty shovel alongside them.  The Emberling is Mei Feng’s totem, and as it floats across the battlefield, it drops chunks of superheated metal that Mei Feng can hop between with her strange teleportation abilities. The work force of the crew are the Rail Workers, tough and dangerous minions who can unleash a world of hurt for anyone foolish enough to stand in the way of Mei Feng’s vision. 


Mei Feng belongs to both the Ten Thunders and the Arcanist Factions. She is a fast combatant, focusing on combinations of actions to really allow her to shine. Mei can bring Foundry models from any Faction, and she tends to prefer to work with Constructs.

The Unstoppable Industry ability may best describe Mei. This ability makes her immune to Slow and Paralyzed, making sure she’s always performing to the best of her abilities. Her many actions continue the trend of her unstoppable nature. Railwalker allows her to move to Scrap Markers or friendly Constructs, making sure Mei stays near the action. Vent Steam helps keep her and those around her safe from outside influence while her Tiger’s Claw and Jackhammer kick lay waste to the enemy. Coupled with her Armor and a trigger to gain more, Mei begins to embody Unstoppable Industry.

Mei has numerous Upgrades to choose from. The majority of her Upgrades add triggers to her attack actions, allowing her to easily gain additional benefit from her actions. This helps Mei become a combination based Master, chaining one move into another and ending up just where she needs to be. One of her iconic Upgrades are the Seismic Claws. This one point Upgrade gives her two triggers on her Tiger Claw attack, each on a different suit. Both these triggers allow her to take an additional attack action without spending AP, allowing Mei to deal out massive amounts of damage.