Malifaux - The Guild & Resurrectionists - McMourning


Some Resurrectionists are content to raise the dead and take pride in how well the zombies resemble their living counterparts. McMourning is different. Working as the Guild's coroner provides him with plenty of bodies which will not be missed. Given his position within the Guild, he is able to study many of the creations of others, and even some of the monstrosities predating humanity's arrival to Malifaux.

His work began as pure research, funded by the Guild to see if they could use the information to their advantage. Initially, the tests showed little success. Without magic they were little more than a conglomeration of parts. The project was closed, but McMourning wasn't finished. 

With the cloying scent of embalming fluids and slowly decomposing bodies, the morgue itself was located far enough away from the main Guild Headquarters that it was a simple matter to create a secret tunnel further into the sewers, where he established a proper lab. Within this sanctuary he was free to practice the skills he had learned and expand them to include his own creations. Each time a body comes to him, he picks the best parts before having the rest buried.

Over time his lab has grown, and he has surrounded himself with depraved sycophants. With his "nurses" to aid with each operation, and Sebastian to help him cover his tracks, he has managed to stay one step ahead of the Death Marshals... more or less.

Box Set

Douglas McMourning’s box comes with seven models, including McMourning himself. His loyal henchman Sebastian tags along behind the good doctor, cleaning up his messes and taking care of his yipping totem, the Zombie Chihuahua. The larger Canine Remains brings speed to the box, while the hulking Flesh Construct provides a truly absurd resilience to just about any kind of damage that can be thrown its way. Rounding out the crew are McMourning’s Nurses, who provide a wide variety of buffs and debuffs for their allies and enemies. 


McMourning is the Master of Poison and unnecessary surgery and he can be fielded in either the Guild or Resurrectionist Factions. He is a highly mobile combat piece who heals as he does damage, and he greatly benefits by afflicting models with Poison. Because of this, any models which can hand out or benefit from Poison are great options for his Crew.

In many ways, McMourning is a scalpel. He can target problem enemy models and quickly remove them using his Surgical Implements Attack. The more he Attacks a model, the more Poison it acquires, before he finally uses Expunge on it, purging it of its Poison while dealing a potentially massive amount of damage. With Impossible to Wound and the Ability to heal with every Attack that connects, the good doctor is not afraid to get up in the thick of things. Because he ignores Armor and Hard to Wound (two of the most common defensive Abilities) he’s great for taking out the enemy heavy hitters while his Minions deal with the rest.

McMourning has two Limited Upgrades, and which one he can choose is determined by which Faction he is currently working for. Moonlighting can only be taken when he is siding with the Resurrectionists, and it allows him to summon his Undead abominations. On The Clock can only be taken if he is working for the Guild, and it allows him to buff his Minions and push them around. Of course, he has lots of other fun options such as Evidence Tampering and Plastic Surgery, both of which enhance his highly mobile combat playstyle. If you can relate to a man who conducts twisted experiments that create obscene mockeries of life by night and still holds down a day job, McMourning may be the Master for you.