Dr. Douglas McMourning has sacrificed much for greatness, including his sanity and his lofty position within the Guild. Now fighting entirely on the side of the Resurrectionists, McMourning is free to indulge fully in the Poison-related shenanigans for which he was known in second edition. His Experimental monstrosities have been somewhat inured to the good doctor’s toxins and possess the Perverse Metabolism Ability, which allows them to heal from their Poison Condition, instead of suffering damage.


Douglas McMourning is a genius; a surgeon of unparalleled skill. His colleagues could not understand why a man of his talents would want to come to Malifaux to serve as chief mortician, but the choice was not entirely his. The Guild wanted the best and they got it, even if it was for a job that a literate parakeet and a conveyor belt could perform. Bodies came in, he certified cause of death, and then they were dumped in the furnaces to ensure they’d never be reanimated. It was simple, but demanding and thankless work.

Perhaps it was the tedium, or an honest desire to aid the Marshals, or simple scientific curiosity that compelled McMourning to dabble in Resurrectionism. With each experiment, each success, McMourning gleaned insights into the nature of biology and the methods of necromancy. And the deeper his mind wandered, the more his sanity peeled away.

Soon it was hard for him to recognize reality from the chaotic mess of ideas and noise in his mind. But he managed, thanks to his “staff” of experiments-turned-employees, including his assistant, Sebastian, and his Nurses. He was even able to make breakthroughs in reconstructive surgery, repairing Sonnia Criid’s horrifically burned face, and making classified “adjustments” for Lucius Mattheson.

But the status quo could not stand. The Guild’s new Governor-General decided more permanent measures were needed to deal with Resurrectionism, and summoned a troupe of Spanish necromancers, the Domador de Cadaveres, to perform a ritual with an ancient Earth relic called Bran’s Cauldron. The ritual would have cleaned Malifaux of the last traces of the Grave Spirit, ending its malign corruption of the world. Fearing what it would mean for him, McMourning alerted his fellow Resurrectionists, namely Nicodem and Seamus, and together they hatched a plan to stop the ritual. The plan went poorly, but as the Guild stood on the edge of victory, McMourning was able to shatter the Cauldron and escape.

Though he is now hunted by his former compatriots in the Guild, McMourning has never felt better. He no longer has to live in two worlds, forging papers and living a double life. He’s free to be himself. Free to innovate, to experiment, and now when he needs a corpse, he can help himself to all of it. And its family!

Keyword - Experimental





Zombie Chihuahua

Rogue Necromancy



Flesh Construct x3

Nurse x2

Guild Autopsy x3

Little Gasser x3

Kentauroi x2

Canine Remains x3