Malifaux - Arcanist -  Marcus


Once a professor behind the safe walls of libraries and laboratories, Marcus’s studies often brought him out into the wilds. Studying the flora and fauna of Malifaux with a scientific eye, Marcus soon found himself understanding the wilderness on a deeper level. The world around him was not simply something to be catalogued and dissected; it was something to be experienced.

It was not long before the walls which had once made Marcus feel secure started to feel more like the confines of a prison. Abandoning the comforts of civilization, Marcus roamed the land and made his home in the wilderness. For the first time, Marcus felt freedom; freedom from an imprisonment he had not even been aware. Still a man of science, Marcus put his new-found freedom to good use. He experimented with ancient, bestial magics which spat in the eye of conventional scientific thinking about the natural world. The animals around him were his to commune with, his to command. Even his own flesh was not immune to the unbridled curiosity which had awoken within him. Marcus turned the primal energy in on himself, wearing away the ravages of time. Where once there was a man older than even Ramos, Marcus now has the strength of youth.

Using primal energies to his own ends Marcus found a sort of power that cannot be tapped without an impression being left behind. Marcus’s appearance is now more bestial than ever before. And, although he will come to the aid of the Arcanists when called, Marcus obeys only one law; the law of the wild. And in the wilds, only the strong are fit to rule.

Box Set

Marcus’s box comes with six models, including Marcus himself. His mate Myranda provides support for his menagerie of beasts, offering healing and buffs… and the ability to shapeshift into nearly any beast she wishes. Cojo and the Razorspine Rattler both provide speed and brawn to the crew, while Marcus’s totem, the Jackalope, is little more than a bouncing annoyance, notable only for the fact that it continually returns to life after it has been killed. 


Marcus is a highly versatile Master and he is a part of the Arcanist Faction. He is capable of filling multiple roles, from getting up close and personal in combat, to supporting his Crew, to debuffing enemy models. He has many Actions and Abilities which specifically synergize with Beast models, and he can hire Beasts regardless of Faction, so expect Beasts to be the primary components of any Marcus Crew.

Many of Marcus’s Attack Actions are useful on either friendly or enemy models. Take Darzee’s Chaunt as an example, it makes a target beast more effective at attacking but more vulnerable to being attacked; this allows you to make use of it on friendly models before charging in, or on enemy models that you want to take down more quickly. Also, unlike many Masters, Marcus is equally capable of targeting an opponent’s Defense or Willpower, allowing him to adapt to whichever is the opponent’s weaker stat. He can also give enemy models the Beast Characteristic, making them more vulnerable to his Attacks.

Marcus has two Limited Upgrades: The God’s Domain, and The Trail Of The Gods. Each gives Marcus bonuses at the start of his Activation, and which of the two Limited Upgrades he chooses will greatly affect his playstyle, giving him even more flexibility. The Trail Of The Gods allows Marcus to deal more damage and make more Attacks, while The God’s Domain increases his Defense, makes him more accurate, and reduces the AP associated with Charging. Whichever way you choose to play Marcus, you will find him a flexible Master, capable of adapting to any situation.