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I reckon you folk are a long way from yer city, ain’t ya? Well, there’s two ways we can do this, the easy way, and the... wait, no, get away from ‘em, pig! Bad pig! Git down! Don’t eat the... dammit! Someone get a knife and git that fella’s fancy watch out of this ‘ere stupid pig!
— Somer Teeth Jones

At half the size of a human being, Gremlins do not appear to be very threatening. On their own, they aren't that dangerous. Often found living in the Bayou, they are the residents of Malifaux who have been most welcoming to the influx of humans. Instead of seeing them as invaders, they see them as sources of learning, often copying them. This mimicry started with clothing. and they would offer advice and directions to the first travelers in exchange for pants or a shirt. This had the side effect of allowing the Gremlins to see which of their number were cunning just by whether or not they had managed to dress themselves, and they began to form into organized groups, allowing them to focus their strength.

When they were wild and untamed, the Gremlins and the pigs in the Bayou shared a hunter/hunter relationship: the pig would eat the gremlin and sometimes the gremlin brought home the bacon for its family. This balance kept either race from eating through all of the Bayou. Both races are known for their voracious appetites, and neither would stop eating until they were killed or there was nothing left to eat. When some of the Gremlin leaders saw the humans raising animals in captivity, they began to domesticate the wild pigs, giving them an advantage in the constant pig/gremlin war. Some of these pigs have become domesticated enough that the Gremlins can now ride them into battle like horses. It isn't foolproof, though, and it's not uncommon for these pigs to become distracted and go on a rampage among their own allies in the middle of a battle.

Male Gremlins outnumber female Gremlins by nearly ten to one, but there is little concern about the viability of the Gremlin race. When a female gives birth, the litters can be as large as twenty screaming Gremlin babies. Gremlins are not known for their intelligence or caring natures, and out of these twenty, perhaps a half dozen will make it out of infancy. Out of those, less than half will survive until they are old enough to breed on their own. The dangers of the Bayou are varied, and many of its denizens appreciate the bite-sized nature of the Gremlins.

Malifaux City

In addition to mimicking the farming practices of humans, Gremlins have also started to mimic their use of weapons. By stealing whatever guns and ammunition they can from raids on Guild storehouses, they have amassed a small arsenal of weaponry and have learned the basics of shooting. Whether due to poor aim, poor weapon maintenance, or the strength of the recoil on their small bodies, they're not especially great at actually hitting things, and it's not an uncommon sight to see one Gremlin accidentally shoot another in the midst of combat.

The three most powerful groups of Gremlins are led by Somer Teeth Jones, Ophelia LaCroix, and Mah Tucket. Somer's group of Gremlins is powerful because they are located close enough to the edge of the Bayou that they can raid nearly any Guild operation or caravan that they find, giving them a clear advantage in supplies. Ophelia had a harder time. Female Gremlins normally do not have the opportunity to vie for power because they are too busy chasing around their dozens of little ones, trying to help the strongest survive to adulthood, but she has managed to escape that fate. By the time she was ready to move against the other Gremlin leaders in the area, the Ortega family had settled into Latigo Ranch and began treating the Gremlins as little more than mobile target practice. By forcing her family members into the roles she saw each of the Ortegas filling, Ophelia found herself with a fairly skilled army that was undeniably loyal to her. With their training, they didn't need to raid often because their raids were largely successful.

Ophelia's example has been followed by Mah Tucket, who has passed out of her child-bearing years and is now the leader of the infamous Bayou Bushwhackers. Unlike Somer and Ophelia, Mah Tucket's Gremlins rely more upon ambush and trickery to catch their opponents off guard. This trickery is backed up by Mah's formidable combat prowess, and years of bossing around younger, stronger Gremlins has shaped her into a tough old lady with more experience than any other two Gremlins combined.

While it can be amusing to see Gremlins fighting, especially if they are fighting each other, the Guild is starting to learn not to underestimate the diminutive creatures. Even if they kill a few of their own, the Gremlins in the back ranks have no qualms about shooting through their brethren to complete a mission if their leader is still alive to bark orders at them.


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Gremlin Tactics

Malifaux -  Lucky  Effigy

The Gremlins are a faction that revolves around swarm tactics and damaging themselves for various game benefits. Many of their models are at least somewhat uncontrollable, especially their Pigs, making them a bit of a nightmare for anyone who enjoys carefully articulated battle plans. On the other hand, their abilities tend to be quite fun and chaotic, and if you're okay with a bit of friendly fire (or sometimes a lot of friendly fire), the Gremlins make for a strong faction. Many of their models have Reckless, allowing them to take damage when they activate to gain an extra AP, and there's plenty of healing within the faction to minimize the damage that they're invariably end up dealing to themselves and their allies.

The Gremlins tend to mostly be comprised of Living models, and are generally split between Gremlins and Pigs. The two work reasonably well together, but most Masters focus more on one race than the other. Pigs tend to be hardier and faster than Gremlins, but require constant supervision, lest they randomly charge the nearest model in the hopes of an easy meal.





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