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WYR23016 - Outcasts Faction Book - $25.oo

Containing all the stat cards and upgrades needed to play any given faction within Malifaux Third Edition. Each Faction Book also includes new stories furthering the rich background of Malifaux, including descriptions of each model within the faction.

WYR23006 - Outcasts Faction Pack - $20.00

Update all of your Second Edition models to Third Edition rules with Malifaux Faction Packs! Each Faction Pack includes Stat Cards and Upgrades for each tournament-legal Second Edition model in the associated Faction. No need to wait. Get right up to speed and start playing Malifaux Third Edition!

Core Boxes

Get started within the world of Malifaux with a Master Core Box! Each Core Box contains a Master model and some fundamental models within their keyword. Core Boxes are the recommended starting point for players looking to get into Malifaux for the first time or expand beyond their initial crew. In order to best combat each encounter within Malifaux, players are encouraged to pick up more than one Core Box within their faction, allowing them to change their playstyle on the fly. Each Core Box contains a Master model, their totem. and 4-6 additional models of that Master’s Keyword and their associated game cards. (Core Box Dimensions: 222.25mm x 177.8mm x 38.10mm)

Expansion Boxes

Expansion Boxes are designed to enhance a player’s Core Box by providing new synergies and support for their existing models within a Keyword – but they can also add additional utility to any Crew within the same Faction, too! Each Expansion Box comes with a few select models that share a similar Keyword, as well as all the game cards needed to play them.

Large Boxes

222.25mm x 177.8mm x 38.10mm

Medium Boxes

152.4mm x 177.8mm x 38.10mm

Small Boxes

76.2mm x 177.8mm x 38.10mm