Ten Thunders Masters

Misaki Katanaka - Since killing her father and assuming control of the Ten Thunders, Misaki has been forced to put aside her Outcast ways and is no longer dual-faction. Now, she functions as a pure ninja assassin: at the start of each turn, she places two Shadow Markers near herself and then Buries. Her thematic crew can make use of these Shadow Markers in various ways, and when Misaki Activates, she unburies adjacent to one of these Shadow Markers and unleashes a whole lot of murder. Her thematic crew also possesses the Assassin ability, which gives them the Fast Condition each time they kill an enemy model that has not yet activated this turn.

Shenlong - Shenlong is a highly skilled master of the martial arts, and this continues to be represented by various Fighting Style Upgrades that he can shift through during the course of the game. He and his crew also use Chi Tokens for various effects, such as increasing their final duel totals via the Harness Chi ability or unlocking powerful Chi Blasts that deal irreducible damage. 

Youko Hamasaki – The newest member of the Ten Thunders is the proprietor of the Qi and Gong, an infamous brothel and information network for the crime syndicate. Youko has her fingers upon the pulse of the city, and she uses this information to manipulate the enemy’s hand, generate Pass Tokens, and gain Soulstones. Her thematic crew possesses wide-spread access to the Lure action, as well as the Leverage Ability, which grants them a bonus to their duels for each revealed enemy Scheme.

Jakob Lynch – The shift in the leaders of the Neverborn has not gone unnoticed by Lynch, who has severed ties with the increasingly genocidal faction and now serves the Ten Thunders alone. Despite this, he continues to deal in Brilliance, the distilled (and highly addicting) essence of the Hungering Darkness, his inhuman partner and soul mate. While his ranged damage has decreased, Lynch can now transform addicted enemies into his own willing servants. His thematic crew sports the impressive Rig the Deck ability, allowing them to draw a few cards from the top of their deck and then replace them with cards from their hand.

Asami Tanaka – As with second edition, Asami is primarily a summoner, though her summoning mechanic now uses Flicker Tokens. These tokens tick down each turn and can be spent by her thematic crew for great power, but when the last Flicker Token is removed, the model disappears back to the aether. To accommodate this, her thematic crew is very offensive in nature and possesses the Devour Souls ability, allowing them to either heal their wounds or gain a Flicker Token each time they kill an enemy model.

Lucas McCabe – Following his termination by the Governor-General, Lucas McCabe has found himself working exclusively for the Ten Thunders. Fortunately, he’s retained his horse and a cache of artifacts, which he can hand out to his subordinates to help them out in battle. As is befitting a group of treasure hunters and scoundrels, his thematic crew possesses the Looted Supplies ability, which allow them to draw a card if they start their activation in base contact with a Scrap Marker. 

Mei Feng* - Mei Feng is the leader of the Foundry, a division of the M&SU that builds the railroads that stretch across Malifaux. This environment has forged her into a deadly warrior who can easily obtain the suits she needs to declare her devastating triggers. Like her thematic crew, she possesses the amazing Ride the Rails ability, which allows her to teleport from one Scrap Marker to another, no matter the distance between them.

Yan Lo* - Serving as both a Resurrectionist and a member of the Ten Thunders, Yan Lo is a powerful sorcerer who has forgotten much of his former life. Each time he activates, however, Yan Lo attaches an Ascendant Upgrade, allowing him to recover a portion of his former strength. His thematic crew is split between Ancestors and Retainers. Ancestors turn into Reliquary Upgrades when they are killed, which can then be Attached to Retainers to buff them. Furthermore, Yan Lo can call out to the spirit within a Reliquary, allowing the Ancestor to return to life, albeit at the cost of losing the model holding the Ancestor’s Reliquary.

*Indicates a dual faction Master.

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