Outcasts Masters

Leveticus - Leveticus has been rebalanced to keep doing the same thing better. His health has increased, he still respawns from Hollow Waifs when he’s killed, and he still puts out a whole lot of damage that is very difficult to ignore. He’s traded away his former mobility for some new tricks, namely the ability to move Health between friendly models and the ability to stack the top of his deck. His thematic crew possesses both the Unmade defensive trigger, which damages enemies that attack them, and the Entropy ability, which damages enemy models that activate near them.  

Parker Barrows – Parker, one of Malifaux's most dangerous bandits, is well-known for his elaborate planning. With the ability to steal cards and Soulstones from enemy models, Parker epitomizes the bandit lifestyle by blending solid ranged damage and Scheme Marker manipulation. His thematic crew possesses the Run and Gun ability, which allows them to make shooting attacks when they charge, instead of melee attacks.

Leopold Von Schill – The leader of the hardened Freikorps mercenary group has spent his time between editions restocking on weapons. In addition to being a fierce combatant, Von Schill is also capable of handing out Equipment Upgrades to his followers, granting them access to powerful rocket launchers, hidden mines, and other deadly weapons.

Viktoria Chambers – Viktoria is unique in that she is actually a master split into two models. For Third Edition, we’ve given both Viktorias the same stat card, which should make it easier to differentiate between the two of them (in that they both stab you in the same way). Their thematic crew – a loose association of mercenaries – all possess the Battle Tempo ability, which allows any model with that ability to push up to 4” after a model with that ability kills an enemy. 

Hamelin - Hamelin has been refocused around his blight mechanic, which has taken the form of Blight Tokens. His thematic crew hands them out via the Diseased Ability, which blights models that activate near them. As models accumulate more Blight, Hamelin and his thematic crew become more powerful, as can be demonstrated with a glance at the Bleeding Disease action, which deals damage equal to the number of Blight Tokens possessed by the target. 

Tara – Citing thematic reasons, Tara has split from the Resurrectionists and is now a pure Outcast. While her primary focus is still on Burying enemy models, which temporarily removes them from the table, she has also gained the ability to summon most of her thematic crew, though they enter play Buried. To enter the game proper, her thematic crew will have to make use of their From Nothing ability, which allows them to end another model’s Fast Condition in order to unbury next to them. 

Jack Daw* -  As befitting his crew of terrifying zombies, Jack Daw has split his focus and now serves the Resurrectionists as well as the Outcasts. He has also shifted back towards his original roots: he only has six wounds, but each time he suffers damage, he can discard a card to reduce that damage to 0. Similarly, whenever a model in his Crew would draw cards, he can instead heal damage. Jack Daw’s thematic crew takes full of advantage of his ability to attach Curse Upgrades to enemy models with their Torment Ability, which allows them to draw a card each time they resolve an action that damaged an enemy model with an attached Upgrade. 

Zipp* - The dreaded pirate of the skyship Infamy has broadened his horizons and formed an unlikely partnership with a number of less-than-reputable Outcasts. As one of the newest dual-faction Masters, Zipp boasts insane speed and some impressive debuffing capabilities. Ever eager to impress their captain and live up to his growing reputation, his thematic crew possesses the Showboating ability, which allows them to draw a card if they Cheated Fate during their Activation.

*Indicates a dual faction Master.