Neverborn Masters

Nekima - Having dealt with her sister’s false claim upon the Nephilim, Nekima has finally risen to the position of master. As one might expect, she is a terrifying combatant who is capable of both great speed and immense damage. Not surprisingly, the thematic ability linking her thematic crew together is the Black Blood of the Nephilim, which splashes out to damage those around them each time they are wounded.

Titania - The self-proclaimed Queen of the Neverborn is far more durable than one might suspect at first glance. On the tabletop, she serves as a defensive tank who twists the terrain around her to her own advantage. She and her thematic crew share two main traits: the ability to create patches of Severe Underbrush via the Germinate Action, and the Hungry Roots ability, which transforms any Corpse Markers placed near them into friendly Scheme Markers. 

Pandora – Pandora is famous (infamous?) for twisting an enemy’s attacks back upon them, and little has changed in Third Edition. In addition to forcing enemy models to harm themselves, Pandora is also very good at controlling enemy activations via her Mood Swings ability, which allows her to discard a card or a pass token to choose which model an opponent must activate next. Her thematic crew reinforces this control with the Misery ability, which damages enemy models who Cheat Fate within its aura.

Euripides – The newest master of the Neverborn is Euripides, an ancient prophet of the giants who has descended from the mountains at the behest of Titania. As a creature of ice and frost, Euripides is capable of creating ice pillars across the battlefield… which he can then hurl at his enemies like bowling balls. Yikes. In addition to this, he also possesses divinatory powers and an ability common to his thematic crew: The Old Ways, which allows them to flip cards from their discard pile, rather than their Fate Deck.

Dreamer – A few years make all the difference, don’t they? The Dreamer has grown up a bit and is now a full summoner. His thematic crew relies upon placing Dream Tokens on enemy models, which he can then consume to summon nightmares from the depths of his enemy’s psyche. Those Dream Tokens are also useful for the Feed on Dreams ability, which allows Dreamer’s thematic crew to heal damage, simply by standing near an enemy that has started to daydream a bit too much. 

Zoraida*- Zoraida has solidified her position as the queen of action manipulation. In addition to moving other models around the battlefield according to her whims, she also possesses a great deal of card manipulation, both via cycling cards whenever the opponent Cheats Fate and her powerful Skins of Fate action, which forces both players to discard their hand and draw six new cards. As is fitting for a bunch of creatures that live in the swamp, the ability most often found among her thematic crew is Penetrating Stench, which stuns enemy models that activate around them (and thus prevents them from declaring triggers or bonus actions).

Lucius Mattheson* - The leader of the Elite Division has retained his dual-faction status and is more than willing to work with both Guild and Neverborn alike. As a politician and commander, Lucius is very good at ordering his subordinates around the battlefield, and he’s even retained the services of a few dozen hidden snipers, making him an unlikely source of ranged damage. His thematic crew is filled with people who know better than to ask questions, which is represented by their Following Orders ability: each time they resolve an action outside of their Activation, their controller can draw a card.

Marcus*- Marcus has made a pact with Titania and now serves both the Arcanists and Neverborn. With this change in allegiance comes a shift in playstyle: Marcus now actively mutates the beasts and chimera that he brings to a battle, shaping their attacks and abilities to suit his needs. Many members of his thematic crew gain additional bonuses when they have Mutation upgrades attached, allowing them to make the most out of their appendages and feral instincts.

*Indicates a dual faction Master.