1. What's is the Dead Man’s Hand?
    Due to story implications, some models have moved on from the world of Malifaux. They will no longer receive updates and are not allowed in tournaments unless a TO decides otherwise. More information about Dead Man’s Hand can be found here.
  2. Will Second Edition models still work?
    Yes, all Second Edition models are having M3E Stat cards produced for them and will still be able to be used within Malifaux. The M3E Stat cards will be available for free online.
  3. Will any models be changing Factions?
    As Malifaux’s story continues to develop, so too do the characters within the world; alliances will shift and enemies will be made. This means that some characters may add, remove, or completely change Factions. Models that were previously Dual Faction will remain in the game, but have had to choose sides, and only have one Faction, except for some Masters and their respective totems. But don’t worry, Keywords will make sure those models can still be hired by their appropriate master. 
  4. I’m a store owner. Should I just throw out my M2E stock?
    No need! When M3E releases, we will be working with stores to update their stock of M2E models with their new M3E cards, as the models themselves are still usable. 
  5. How will I be able to get Third Edition stat and upgrade cards?
    All stat cards and rules will be available online for free on the Wyrd Games Website in PDF format at launch. We will also have a way for you to purchase the physical cards at your Local Game Store. 
  6. What are thematic Crews?
    Crews within Malifaux will now be hired based on the Keyword of the Crew’s Leader. Crews can hire any model (regardless of Faction) into a Crew if it shares a Keyword with the Crew’s Leader. Any other model within the Crew’s declared Faction can be hired, albeit at a slight penalty of +1 Soulstone Cost.
  7. Will there be models that all Masters in a Faction can hire without penalty?
    Yes. Models with the Versatile Characteristic can be hired (at their base Soulstone Cost) by any Crew within their Faction.
  8. Can models have multiple Keywords?
    Yes, but it is not common. 
  9. Are Mercenaries still in the game?
    Mercenaries that can be hired by any Crew are no longer in the game.
  10. Will M3E still have Upgrades?
    Yes, but their focus will be upon expanding model's playstyle rather than pushing an already existing playstyle to its limit. Additionally, every model within the game can have one Upgrade, while the Leader of a Crew can have two.
  11. Paralyze and Reactivate aren’t on the list of Conditions. Are they gone from the game?
    Yes. Neither Paralyze or Reactivate are a part of M3E.
  12. Will rules for Avatars be in M3E? 
    No, Avatars have been removed from Malifaux by story events. 
  13. Will the app be required to play M3E?
  14. Are the elevation rules going to change?
    Yes. Vantage Point, for example, no longer exists.
  15. Do Masters still get a Soulstone Cache? How many Soulstones will a Crew start with?
    Masters no longer have a Cache. Instead, all Soulstones in a Crew’s Pool at the start of the game come from Soulstones left unspent while hiring.
  16. Is my Leader still free?
    Yes, as is their Totem.
  17. Will promo models be getting updated cards?
  18. What are Pass Tokens?
    Pass Tokens are generated by the Crews at the start of each turn. The player with less models gains tokens equal to the difference in number of models. Players may then discard these tokens instead of Activating a model to pass their Activation, or hold onto them for a bonus to their Initiative flip in the following Turn.
  19. Are Jokers still in M3E?
    Yes, though their rules are changing a little bit for the sake of game balance.
  20. When is M3E releasing?