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The M3E Crew Builder App is now available, and it's bringing a ton of features to you.

Game Cards

The M3E Crew Builder App provides every game card available in M3E, allowing you to quickly look up any model’s stats at a quick glance or filter through models based on Abilities, Effects, or even if you own or have painted a model.


The app allows you to easily create a host of different Crews. You can try out different combinations easily or try to build the perfect list for each round of an upcoming event. Once you’ve built the perfect crew for any situation feel free to share it via interactive link, text, or QR Scan.

News Updates

Never fall behind with Wyrd again as all of our news updates are delivered directly to you and can be accessed at your convenience directly through the M3E Crew Builder app along with our bi-weekly podcast: Breachside Broadcast!.

Quick Reference

Easily access any needed information through the app from Conditions and Basic Actions, to Encounter Set Up. For those of you that often leave their books at home, freely access our entire rules pdf directly through the app menu.


The app makes creating an Encounter easy, giving you the choice between formats and allowing for pre-built Crews or building a crew on the fly so that you can get right into the action.


Tracking effects in Malifaux has never been easier than using the M3E Crew Builder app, which provides VP, Health, Condition, and Token Tracking as well as quick reference cards that can be added to a crew on the fly for those models that may come in part-way through an encounter.

Network Play

With added network functionality, players that have access to an internet connection can create network encounters providing real-time tracking of both players crews as well as step-by-step encounter generation, providing the best experience to play Malifaux yet.



If you have any issues with the app, please go to the Contact Us page and use the App form to give us feedback.

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