Application Process

So you have answered the Governor Generals call to clean up Malifaux?! To participate in this Malifaux Third Edition Closed Beta, all you need to do is fill out the application below, and make sure you submit a signed NDA along with it. If you don't already, get over to the forums to have an account, it will be necessary for the application and the playtest itself. Make sure you complete all fields. If you are accepted into the Closed Beta, you will be contacted with further information. Due to a large influx of applications, please be patient after submitting your application.

Currently our Closed Beta Test Application is closed, but keep an eye out to the future should it re-open.

How It Works

If you are accepted, you will gain access to a special M3E Closed Beta section of the forum. There, you will have access to the M3E core rules, as well as the new rules for each model. You will be able to discuss the new edition with other playtesters and the design team. You will play games, provide feedback, and battle reports. If this sounds like something you want to do then make sure to sign up!


Click above to get a copy of the NDA!