Bayou Masters

Som’er Teeth Jones – Never one to play fair if he can avoid it, Som’er combines two powerful themes into a terrifying combination: summoning and drawing cards. He’s able to summon many of his Gremlin descendants into battle, and when things go bad for him, he still profits by drawing cards upon their deaths. As if that weren’t bad enough, most of his thematic crew consists of smaller Gremlins that have been forced into one or more specialized roles, which they quickly abandon upon being “killed,” leaving a Bayou Gremlin in their place.

Ophelia LaCroix – The young matriarch of the LaCroix family has spent her time between editions gathering up every strange weapon she can find. These devastating weapons are represented by Arsenal Upgrades that give her a wide variety of ways to hinder and harm her enemies. Her thematic crew boasts not one, but two abilities: Flinch, which protects them from attacks by more expensive models, and Feud, which heals them after killing an enemy model with a shooting attack.

Ulix – The pig master of Malifaux is now a full summoner, though in traditional Gremlin fashion, he approaches the concept a bit sideways. Ulix’s thematic crew has a number of ways to summon tiny Piglets to their side, which Ulix can then grow into larger pigs and prod into battle. The pigs, meanwhile, tend to have the Stampede ability, allowing them to damage their enemies just by ending a Charge in base contact with them, regardless of whether or not their attack is successful.

The Brewmaster – Having severed all ties with the Ten Thunders, The Brewmaster now focuses all of his attention upon Gremlin issues. By poisoning his enemies via high-proof alcohol, The Brewmaster ensures that they will be unable to function effectively, even as they slowly succumb to the toxic mixtures in their bellies. His thematic models, however, have imbibed so many of their boss’s concoctions as to gain High Tolerance, which reduces all damage they suffer from Poison to 0.

Mah Tucket – The leader of the Tucket family has been around the block a few times, and she’s picked up plenty of devious tricks over the course of her long lifetime. On the battlefield, she combines a high damage output with a frankly absurd amount of movement, making her one of the more mobile masters in the game. Her thematic crew follows in her footsteps with the powerful Scamper ability, which allows them to move up to 3” each time an enemy model Cheats Fate.

Wong – Wong’s name is synonymous with uncontrolled magic and even more uncontrolled explosions, and we’ve honored that impressive legacy by making Wong the poster child of the new Shockwave mechanic. Wong’s penchant for collateral damage has been reinforced with his thematic crew’s Hard Knock Life ability, which gives them the Fast Condition each time they’re damaged by a friendly model. 

Zipp* - The dreaded pirate of the skyship Infamy has broadened his horizons and formed an unlikely partnership with a number of less-than-reputable Outcasts. As one of the newest dual-faction Masters, Zipp boasts insane speed and some impressive debuffing capabilities. Ever eager to impress their captain and live up to his growing reputation, his thematic crew possesses the Showboating ability, which allows them to draw a card if they Cheated Fate during their Activation.

Zoraida*- Zoraida has solidified her position as the queen of action manipulation. In addition to moving other models around the battlefield according to her whims, she also possesses a great deal of card manipulation, both via cycling cards whenever the opponent Cheats Fate and her powerful Skins of Fate action, which forces both players to discard their hand and draw six new cards. As is fitting for a bunch of creatures that live in the swamp, the ability most often found among her thematic crew is Penetrating Stench, which stuns enemy models that activate around them (and thus prevents them from declaring triggers or bonus actions).

*Indicates a dual faction Master.

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