Arcanists Masters

Rasputina – The Winter Witch retains her ability to blast people with ice magic, but she is augmenting this with the ability to create numerous ice pillars across the battlefield. In addition to allowing her to block of avenues of movement, she can “bounce” her spells off these ice pillars, allowing her to extend her range and threaten enemies she might otherwise be unable to see. Her thematic crew is split into two groups: cannibal cultists that can eat corpses to heal themselves and ice constructs that become ice pillars when they are killed.

Sandeep Desai - Sandeep is shifting focus slightly to become a full summoner. His thematic crew is split between Academics and Elementals. Academics such as Sandeep gain protective shielding when they activate and possess Mantra abilities that give them bonuses when they take the Concentrate action, while Elementals are summoned creatures that provide Sandeep with a wide variety of abilities and actions. 

Toni Ironsides – Despite becoming president of the Miners and Steamfitters Union, Toni Ironsides is still quite capable of hurting people in melee combat. She functions as a combination of a damage dealer and tarpit, with a great deal of survivability and ways to lure people into combat with her. Her thematic crew possesses various Grit abilities that give them bonuses once their Health is reduced to half or below.

Anasalea Kaeris – The new leader of the Arcanists is a pyromaniac who turns the battlefield into a flaming hellscape of Pyre Markers. Both Kaeris and her thematic crew toss out the Burning Condition left and right, and most of them have ways to increase Burning damage, spread it further, or to move Pyre Markers around the battlefield, hedging their enemies in with spreading walls of flame.

Colette Du Bois – The owner of the Star Theater is a consummate showman and skilled magician who relies upon leveraging the Distracted Condition to render her opponents harmless. Her magician’s tricks serve her well on the battlefield, as she’s able to disappear in the blink of an eye or swap the positions of friendly models. Her thematic crew possesses the ability to take the Interact Action even while engaged, making it very difficult for the opponent to prevent them from completing their Strategies and Schemes. 

Marcus*- Marcus has made a pact with Titania and now serves both the Arcanists and Neverborn. With this change in allegiance comes a shift in playstyle: Marcus now actively mutates the beasts and chimera that he brings to a battle via Mutation Upgrades, shaping their attacks and abilities to suit his needs. Many members of his thematic crew gain additional bonuses when they have Mutation Upgrades attached, allowing them to make the most out of their appendages and feral instincts.

Mei Feng* - Mei Feng is the leader of the Foundry, a division of the M&SU that builds the railroads that stretch across Malifaux. This environment has forged her into a deadly warrior who can easily obtain the suits she needs to declare her devastating triggers. Like her thematic crew, she possesses the amazing Ride the Rails ability, which allows her to teleport from one Scrap Marker to another, no matter the distance between them.

Charles Hoffman* - The leader of the Guild’s Amalgamation Office has quietly joined the Arcanists and now serves both groups to the best of his ability. Hoffman is a support master who greatly amplifies the capabilities of his thematic crew, all of whom utilize Power Tokens to unlock powerful abilities and increase the accuracy of their deadly attacks.

*Indicates a dual faction Master.