The shift in the leaders of the Neverborn has not gone unnoticed by Lynch, who has severed ties with the increasingly genocidal faction and now serves the Ten Thunders alone. Despite this, he continues to deal in Brilliance, the distilled (and highly addicting) essence of the Hungering Darkness. Now working as a control master, Lynch can now transform addicted enemies into his own willing servants. Common amongst those within the Honeypot Casino is the Rig the Deck Ability, allowing them to replace cards from their hand with those from the top of their deck.


Depending on who you ask, Jakob Lynch is either the best or the worst gambler that Malifaux has ever seen. Drawn to Malifaux by its lack of gambling laws, Jakob’s biggest stroke of luck came when he won the Honeypot Casino in a high-stakes game of poker. Unfortunately, he proved to be far better at earning money at the tables than he was at running a business, and though the Honeypot wasn’t losing money, it wasn’t making much, either. A few bad decisions and even worst investments later and Lynch was forced to take out a loan with the Ten Thunders to avoid losing the casino.

Things improved, but nowhere fast enough to pay off his new business partners. Faced with threats of a particularly unpleasant variety and only one day to repay his loan, Jakob contemplated taking extreme measures into his own hands. Before he could go through with it, however, he was stopped by a pair of gentlemen who introduced themselves as Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen. In exchange for being allowed exclusive access to the casino’s basement, the two men fronted Jakob enough money to repay the Ten Thunders.

Soon, the Honeypot began to turn a profit, though the faint glow that Jakob saw in the casino’s returning patrons aroused his curiosity. He followed one into the basement and learned the horrible truth of the deal he had struck: there was a terrible creature beneath the casino that had been drawing people in and feeding on their souls.

Jakob was quickly captured by Mr. Tannen and brought before the creature, which called itself the Hungering Darkness. When the Darkness discovered that Jakob was resistant to its insidious influence, which it called “Brilliance,” it offered him a deal: become its host, allowing it to leave the dusty remains from which it was currently bound, or be killed. It was the easiest choice that Jakob ever made.

Since that day, the Honeypot has become the most popular casino in Malifaux. Its gambling hall and “hospitality suites” are full every night, and the Hungering Darkness’ influence has grown as more and more of the casino’s patrons have been infected with its Brilliance. Jakob has even begun expanding his operations by purchasing smaller taverns across the city and stocking their bars with Brilliance-laced alcohol, ensuring that his benefactor’s insidious influence can spread to those who might otherwise avoid the Honeypot.

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Hungering Darkness

Gwyneth Maddox

Kitty Dumont


Mr. Graves

Mr. Tannen


Illuminated x3

Beckoner x2

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