Malifaux - The Guild & Neverborn - Lucius


The Right Honorable Lucius Gustavius FitzWilliam Mattheson. Here he comes, gliding through the Vice-Regal manor like a perfectly-groomed shadow, his voice as soft as his footsteps, as smooth as the cognac he pours for his most favored visitors. A Master of Letters from Geneva, a Doctorate of Laws from Salzburg, Empire Day honors for services to the realm. And by all accounts a capable fencer and polo player and a rather fine violinist, too. What brought such a sophisticate out of the halls of Parliament and into a world like Malifaux?

So those, sir, are the facts available to us, and if you- ah, just so. A wise decision, Your Excellency. If I might take the liberty of arranging the details on your behalf?

Nobody knows. No-one truly understands what's behind that perpetual expression of polite, chilly amusement carved into his bronze mask. Lucius has no friends, lovers, confidants.

No need to trouble His Excellency directly. I assure you I shall represent your concerns to him with utmost faith and discretion.

No-one realizes exactly how much influence Lucius wields, or how many in Malifaux are now loyal directly to him instead of to their duties. Nobody knows how many spies he has, how far his reach extends. Nobody knows who comes to speak with him in dead of night, or the company he keeps when he vanishes into the Quarantine Zones or the Neverborn-haunted wilderness.

I speak with the Governor's voice, and the Governor's voice will be obeyed. Now.

Nobody knows. And that fills Lucius with quiet glee.

Box Set

Lucius Mattheson’s box comes with seven models, including Lucius himself. The Guild Guards are cheap, solid minions that can hold their own at range or in melee, and their effectiveness improves greatly when near the formidable Captain Dashel. The Guild Lawyers support their crew by suing everything that moves, while the Scribe serves Lucius as a totem, providing a bit of extra support and protection for his mysterious master. 


Lucius is a Master of deception, and he can work for either the Guild or Neverborn Factions. He relies on manipulating the battlefield and those around him to achieve victory. Many of his Actions benefit from targeting Guardsman or Mimic models, so models with those traits will generally be a good choice for a Lucius Crew.

Lucius wins games by getting the most out of his Minions. The simple act of walking up and down the lines and inspecting his men can instill a fear in them that drives them to take action. He can also swap places with his Minions, leaving the enemy confounded about his position. Finally, he is an expert at getting the most out of Scheme Markers and Interact Actions; those are the things which generate VP, and VP wins games.

His Upgrades bring a plethora of new deceptions and lies to further undermine the opponent. He can gain things like Purposeful Misinterpretation, which can allow him to steal enemy Scheme Markers and Loop Holes which allows him to benefit from enemy Abilities. Some of his more straight-forward Upgrades include hiring a hidden sniper and simply packing some hidden weapons. If you have a devious mind and can delight in the simple joys that lies and treachery bring, then Lucius is the Master for you.