Malifaux - The Guild & Ten Thunders - Lucas McCabe

Lucas McCabe

Earthside, Lucas McCabe had a respected family name, money, education, anything he wished for. Instead, he ended up choosing a life of exploration and historical study. At least, that was his description of it. Numerous police forces across the world listed it as tomb robbery, smuggling, and black market dealing, although the charges were never proved.

After the tragic death of his fiancée, Karen, in Egypt, and his subsequent arrest, McCabe became more reckless in his pursuit of artifacts and excitement. The enemies this made him, along with the promise of adventure and priceless artifacts, left McCabe in no doubt as to where his future lay. As an extra layer of security against his past, McCabe orchestrated his arrest by the Guild with the intention of being recruited to serve their purposes. This worked better than he had expected, with the Governor’s Secretary himself becoming involved. What the Guild was not aware of was that McCabe already owed a debt of allegiance to the Ten Thunders….

Box Set

Lucas McCabe’s box comes with seven models, including two which represent McCabe while mounted and dismounted. His henchman, Sidir Alchibal, is a dangerous man with a machine gun and few qualms about using it, and his totem Luna is a loyal companion capable of severing a man’s hand with a single bite. Filling out the crew are the Wastrels, cheap minions who serve McCabe with their haughty attitudes and collections of random magical trinkets. 


Lucas McCabe belongs to both the Ten Thunders and the Guild Factions. He is a support Master that gives his Crew a number of buffs to make sure they can get the job done. McCabe doesn’t have a strong preference for who he works with, but he is capable of hiring Black Sheep and Guardsman models from out of Faction.

There are two core aspects of McCabe. The first is the man himself. McCabe rides a horse, making him one of the fastest Masters in the game. Coupled with a few attacks, such as the Netgun which gives out Slow, McCabe can get where he needs to be and disrupt the opponent’s plans. Even if he is badly hurt, McCabe just dismounts and keeps on fighting. The second are his Upgrades. McCabe is a treasure hunter, and he has many powerful items at his disposal. Each of these items are an Upgrade, and McCabe is able to give them to his Crew to give them additional abilities. As the game progresses, McCabe is a great force multiplier as he passes out and takes back his numerous Upgrades, ensuring that everyone on his side has the tools to get the job done.

McCabe’s Upgrades define his playstyle. The Badge of Speed allows him to reactivate a Minion, but also to give a friendly model Nimble. The Glowing Saber gives McCabe many triggers on his melee attack, but also provides a powerful new weapon to another model. Elixir of Life provides healing in a variety of forms, and Strangemetal Shirt passes out Armor to help the Crew survive.