Malifaux - Neverborn - Lillith


Lilith is the first of the Neverborn. Lilith’s emotions are frighteningly mercurial, a calm and cunning leader one moment, a frenzied creature of pure hatred and malice the next. She remembers the end days of Old Malifaux as fleeting memories, impressions of a crueler, but better, time. She will not abide humanity’s incursion into what Lilith sees as her domain. When the Breach first opened over a century ago she was curious, inquisitive to see what these creatures were like in numbers. She was aware that humans had, from time to time, slipped through the walls of reality – the hag, Zoraida, being one such individual. What she learned from her observations convinced Lilith that humanity was a canker to be excised.

Lilith is concerned, as she sees the potential for the Neverborn to fracture into sects, much as it had been in the early days, before she and her sisters brought them together. For now, Lilith is content to plot on a short term basis, slowing but not thwarting humanity’s expansion beyond the City’s walls. Her steady hit and run tactics have earned her prominence on the Guild’s Most Wanted list, the bounty growing with each successful attack.

For her time is not a limitation, but a resource she will continue to put to good use. Her patience can span centuries if need be, until her planning and maneuvering once again places her in the position to end humanity’s presence in Malifaux.

Box Set

Lilith’s box comes with six models, including Lilith herself. Her henchman Barbaros is a deadly warrior capable of moving quickly while taunting his enemies, allowing Lilith’s diminutive Terror Tots to safely sprint forward and claim her objectives. Her totem, the Malifaux Cherub, floats above the battle, raining down arrows that confuse and befuddle its prey. 


Lilith and her Nephilim engage in lightning raids against the human scum that have invaded Malifaux. She is a Neverborn Master who uses stealth, cunning, and combat prowess to bring her foes to their knees. Generally, Nephilim are always a good addition to a Lilith Crew, but there are many other good choices in the Neverborn Faction as well.

The Greatsword which Lilith uses is an amazing Attack and she is an expert at bringing it to bear. However, Lilith is far more than just a blunt combat instrument. She can use Tangle Shadows to teleport her models around the board, even swapping them with an unsuspecting enemy that finds itself in her waiting arms. Her excellent mobility allows her to strike where the enemy is weakest, and her fantastic defenses allow her to get away with it all.

Lilith’s Upgrades only further enhance her hit and run playstyle. She gains the option to bring enemies to her with her Transfixing Gaze, place terrain on the board with Illusionary Forest, and make free Attacks against anyone unfortunate enough to be pushed into reach of her Living Blade. Lilith is the ultimate guerilla fighter, and she is the perfect Master if you enjoy striking from the shadows.