Malifaux - Outcasts -  Leveticus


Leveticus is the proprietor of Captivating Salvage and Logistics, a small shop in Malifaux City that offers a variety of services. He and his young companion, Alyce, have been staples of the city since the opening of the Breach. Whatever the job or item required, common wisdom holds that Leveticus is the man to talk to.

What few know, however, is that Leveticus is a man of unique magical talents. For those limited few he trusts, he is an unparalleled source of arcane knowledge and items. His mechanical leg, and Alyce's prosthetic arm, are both his own design which rival the work of even Viktor Ramos.

Leveticus has discovered a way to cheat death itself. Combining ancient necromantic texts with modern theories, he has made a link between his soul and dead husks he calls Hollow Waifs. So long as a Waif is nearby, Leveticus can return to life. This is not without cost, as he remembers each death clearly. The memories take their toll, slowly eroding the edges of his mind. Young Alyce is a lifeline for him, always able to ground the necromancer after a difficult return from the aether.

According to the witch, Zoraida, Leveticus is positioned at the center of Fate's design. While the exact details are uncertain, he is one of the lynchpins upon which the destiny of all Malifaux turns. He awaits the future with stoic determination, holding close to Alyce and his allies. If there is to be a new war with the Tyrants, they will find Leveticus prepared to lead the charge to the end of the world.

Box Set

Leveticus’ box comes with nine models, including Leveticus himself. His partner Rusty Alyce serves as his henchman, and her powerful gun and clockwork arm make her a deadly threat at any range. The Abominations form the bulk of Leveticus’ minions and are capable of damaging their enemies through sheer proximity. Most importantly, however, are the Hollow Waifs, for they allow Leveticus to claw his way back to the world of the living should he be killed. 


Leveticus is a member of the Outcast Faction. He is a master of steam technology and necromancy, combining them both into powerful abominations to do his bidding. Leveticus has the largest hiring pool in the game, able to choose both Undead and Constructs as potentials for his army of entropy.

Most Masters care about dying, but Leveticus doesn’t really mind. By utilizing his totems the Hollow Waifs, Leveticus is able to return to life at the end of the turn even if he was killed. This allows him to play differently than many Masters, taking chances with his own life while protecting his totems. By channeling his lifeforce, Leveticus is able to bring extra power to his actions. Able to move quickly and dish out large amounts of damage, Leveticus can unmake his opponents and slowly turn them into his own army. Leveticus’ biggest concern is ensuring that the rest of his Crew is able to properly support him, as he needs them to stay in the fight… despite his continued deaths.

Leveticus has two limited Upgrades, both of which influence his hiring pool. Pariah of Bone and Pariah of Iron cannot both be taken at once, and they give him access to Undead or Constructs, respectively. Outside of these, Leveticus’ two remaining core Upgrades provide him with more flexibility. To the Earth Return is a trigger on his Unmaking action that helps kill the most powerful enemies. From Ash gives him the opportunity to turn his fallen enemies or allies into Steam Abominations, ready to continue the fight for his cause.