Malifaux - The Guild - Lady Justice


Though her eyes are covered with the traditional band of her station, there is little that Lady Justice of the Guild does not see. Few who earn her attention are lucky to live long enough to appreciate the perfect grace inherent in each movement as she lifts her greatsword for the final blow. Such is her speed and skill that Justice is able to turn even the mightiest blow against the rare individual brave enough to attack her. 

Lady Justice leads the Death Marshals, a group she trains personally to hunt and kill those creatures which defy the very laws of nature – the undead. No one is more deserving of judgment than those who recall the dead from their peaceful slumber. She and her Death Marshals are trained in dark magics which give them an edge over their quarry, though each has payed a heavy price for such knowledge.

There is a quiet determination to everything that Lady Justice puts her competent hands to. With the purest understanding of what is right and wrong, there is little she cannot accomplish with her sword and Peacebringer. There is justice to be served and she is its willing servant. 

Unlike many other members of the Guild, Lady Justice and her Death Marshals are viewed as protectors of Malifaux and have earned the favor of the populace. Many sleep more soundly knowing that Lady Justice is there to protect them from the horror of a Ressurectionist incursion.

Box Set

Lady Justice's box set contains six models including Lady Justice herself. She is supported by a Henchmen called The Judge, a generalist able fulfill whatever function Lady Justice needs. Justice's totem, The Scales of Justice, provide a little bit of support and card draw, while the three Death Marshals bring potent guns and the iconic Pine Box to bury their foes.


Lady Justice is the up close and personal Guild combat Master. She wades into the enemy, cutting them down with her Greatsword and inspiring her Crew to acts of bravery along the way. Due to the versatility of her playstyle, any Guild models work well in a Lady Justice Crew, although thematically she favors Death Marshals.

The Greatsword Attack which Lady Justice has access to is one of the best Melee Attacks in the game. There are very few models that can stand toe to toe with her; and none of them for very long. She also has an above average amount of Wounds, an Action which can be used to heal herself, and access to cover wherever she goes. These defensive capabilities allow her to get where she wants to be: up close.

In addition to her amazing combat skills, Lady Justice can inspire others around her. Inspiring Swordplay gives friendly models a bonus when they see her kill an enemy, and her Last Stand Upgrade allows other models near her to follow her as she makes a Charge. Her other Upgrades add a fun array of options such as Triggers on her Greatsword to make more Attacks, Actions which specifically target Undead, and the Ability to prevent enemies from running away from her in combat. In total, Lady Justice is a straight-forward Master who always proves satisfying as she hacks enemies to pieces.