Malifaux - Resurrectionist   - Kirai


Kirai’s ability to control the spirit world was unlocked when her fiancé was killed protecting her from an assassination attempt ordered by his father. His final gift to her, a serpent ring with emerald scales, was all she had left of her old life. Though neither of them knew it, this ring was connected to the ancient entity known as the Gorgon. Through this, her grief and sense of hopelessness was able to break through the barrier to the afterlife and call on the spirits that dwelt there. She was even able to hurl part of her own soul, twisted by her desire for revenge and fueled by the Gorgon’s influence, into the physical world to take her revenge.

While she was initially unaware of her abilities, Nicodem realized the truth after seeing the brutalized remains of her victims. He took great care to ensure she accepted his tutelage, hoping to use her to summon sentient spirits back into his own creations. His plans were interrupted when The Plagued arrived to claim the Gorgon’s ring and release the Red Cage.

Since then, Kirai has begun to understand her own powers much more. She now no longer feels the pain of her loss so deeply, and with her immediate need for revenge sated, she has turned her mind to other plans. She has been unwelcome and cast aside since birth, her given name a permanent reminder of her family’s rejection, but she now feels she has the power to reshape her destiny.

Malifaux makes for strange allies, and Kirai has since found more acceptance and friendship from the dead than she ever got from the living...

Box Set

Kirai Ankoku’s box comes with seven models, including Kirai herself. Her totem, the Lost Love, devotes his afterlife to healing Kirai’s allies, while the Onryo are focused more on harming their enemies with their ghostly powers. The Ikriyo is Kirai’s inner spirit made manifest, and it appears only when it is time to exact revenge upon someone who has dared to harm Kirai or her allies. Kirai uses her Seishin as fodder for her more powerful spirits, but even on their own they’re capable of sacrificing themselves to invigorate a more powerful ally. 


Kirai is the living embodiment of revenge, and the Resurrectionist Spirit Master. Her vengeful Spirits seek out the enemy wherever they are and tear them to ribbons. Her Crews will be mainly comprised of Spirits, but adding a few Living or Undead models is generally a good idea.

Kirai is primarily a support and summoning Master who relies on buffing, manipulating, and summoning friendly Spirits to achieve victory. To summon a new Spirit, she must target a friendly model which will suffer an amount of damage depending on the summoned Spirit’s Wounds. Because of this, models with high Wounds, such as Flesh Constructs, may be decent additions to a Kirai Crew. Also, whenever a Living or Undead model near Kirai suffers damage due to an enemy Attack, she can summon Ikiryo (a fearsome Spirit of vengeance) in base contact with the enemy that did the damage. Offending Kirai can be a dangerous proposition.

There are a number of ways in which Kirai uses her Spirits. She can easily summon small Spirits, called Seishin, which she uses in a number of ways: she can sacrifice them to boost her Casting, redirect Attacks to them, use them to swap places with other Spirits, or sacrifice them to draw cards. Kirai’s Upgrades give her even more fun options for making use of her Spirits. Kirai is a solid support Master with some fun tricks which will surprise your opponent; and if you’ve ever wanted to summon the enraged spirit of revenge behind that annoying sniper on the ridge, now you can!