Having returned from her adventures Earth-side, Kirai has perfected what has been her core focus since her introduction – summoning. What has changed is how she goes about it: when she summons one of her spirits, it now gains a Vengeful Spirit Upgrade that damages Kirai each turn. In order to stay alive, Kirai will have to rely upon the Feast of Vengeance Triggers possessed by her thematic crew, the Urami, which heal her each time they kill an enemy model.


Kirai’s ability to control the spirit world was unlocked when her fiancé, Francis Kitchener, was killed protecting her from an assassination attempt ordered by his father, the former Governor-General. Francis’ final gift to her, a serpent ring with emerald scales, was all she had left of her old life. Though neither of them knew it, this ring was connected to the ancient entity known as the Gorgon. Through this, her grief and sense of hopelessness were able to break through the barrier to the afterlife and call on the spirits that dwelt there. She was even able to hurl part of her own soul, twisted by her desire for revenge and fueled by the Gorgon’s influence, into the physical world to take her revenge.

While she was initially unaware of what she was truly capable of, Nicodem realized the truth after seeing the butchered remains of her victims. He took great care to ensure she accepted his tutelage, hoping to use her to summon sentient spirits back into his own creations, but that endeavor ultimately failed at the hands of a Tyrant.

Many moons have passed since that night. Since then, Kirai has begun to understand her connection to the spirit world, with or without the ring. She now no longer feels the pain of her loss so deeply, and instead has weaponized that pain in the form of vengeance.

With Molly Squiddpidge at her side, Kirai began a campaign of destruction, brutalizing the men who once controlled her, and others like them. But her thirst for vengeance has never fully sated, and it likely never will be, now that the person she held responsible for her lover’s death – his father – is deceased, and not by her hands.

It wasn’t until a woman in a dark cloak approached Kirai with an offer that she finally felt that there was a chance to fill the void that was once her heart. This woman spoke for an Earthside group called the Court of Two, and requested Kirai’s help to bring upon an army of spirits. For better or worse, with the help of Binh Nguyen, Kirai succeeded, and the promise that woman made that night - of providing the ritualistic means to bring back her lost love to life - was to be fulfilled.

With the knowledge and tools at hand, Kirai Ankoku has returned to Malifaux to do what is necessary. She just has to reclaim his body from a Guild crypt first.

Keyword - Urami



Datsue Ba



Lost Love

Jaakuna Ubume


Goryo x2

Onryo x2

Gaki x3

Seishin x5

Shikome x2

Drowned x3