Malifaux - Ten Thunders & Neverborn   - Jakob Lynch

Jakob Lynch

Like the fates of Malifaux, Jakob Lynch can find himself in incredible good fortune, though more often than not, his luck is sour. Winning the Honeypot casino was a stroke of good luck that would only end poorly for the young entrepreneur. More used to bringing business to the casino than running it, Lynch quickly found himself in debt to the Ten Thunders.

There was no way he would be able to fight collectors off with just the small pistol he kept, and Lynch knew that he was in too deep. He was ready to throw himself into the river when two men approached him with a strange offer. They would pay his debts for as long as they could use the Honeypot's basement. Unable to pass up such a good deal, Lynch, Mr. Graves, and Mr. Tannen became partners in business.

Eventually, as he knew it would, Lynch's curiosity got the better of him and he slipped down into the basement to see what it was that had changed his business so greatly. That was when his mind was opened to the truth: there was a terrible creature in his basement that was the source of all his success.

Immune to the lure of the Brilliance, Lynch now finds himself caught between the Ten Thunders and the Neverborn, barely able to hold the two at bay. If he has any hope at surviving he may have to dive into even darker places to become the master of his own fate.

Box Set

Jakob Lynch’s box comes with five models, including Lynch himself. The Hungering Darkness has forced itself into the crew, and its lords over the everyone – Lynch included – with its deadly tendrils and mind-control powers. The Illuminated know all too well the stretch of the Darkness, for they have been corrupted by its influence and turned into tough, deadly warriors who can quickly regenerate from near death to perfect health in the blink of an eye. 


Jakob Lynch belongs to both the Ten Thunders and the Neverborn Factions. He is a card shark with extremely damaging abilities. He likes to work with Darkened models, as many of these models give enemies the Under the Influence Condition, which Jakob can use to great effect.

One of the things that makes Jakob stand out against the other Masters is his totem. Jakob Lynch can bring his totem, which is also a Henchman, for free. This model is known as the Hungering Darkness, and it is a spirit of great power. Jakob and the Darkness are able to work together to deal obscene amounts of damage to the enemy. Jakob himself is well known for his focus on cards: he can draw aces into his hand in certain circumstances, he can mulligan three cards from his hand to try to improve them, and he damages enemies that cheat fate against him. His power, control of cards, and totem are offset by one key factor: Jakob does not like to be attacked.

Jakob has two Limited Upgrades: The Rising Sun and Endless Hunger. Both of these Upgrades actually increase the efficacy of the Hungering Darkness. The Rising Sun allows the Darkness to come back into play if it was killed, and Endless Hunger gives it an additional AP to accomplish more during its activations. One of Jakob’s most popular Upgrades is Woke Up With a Hand, which may allow him to draw two additional cards when he activates, and gives him an attack that deals damage equal to the number of cards in his hand.