Malifaux - Arcanist -  Ironsides


The daughter of escaped slaves, Toni Ironsides has risen far from her origins. After the Guild's execution of her mother, Toni saw the organization clearly for the first time. The Guild's decision to uphold the horrific local laws of its member countries in the name of stability led to her commitment to the Guild's destruction. For a time, Toni turned to underground fighting as a way to vent her anger. Eventually, she became part of Earthside resistance groups, which drew the attention of Viktor Ramos and resulted in her recruitment into the Arcanists. Because of Toni's love of learning, she found herself drawn to the company of the Oxfordian Mages on her arrival Breachside.

In Malifaux, Ironsides has two distinct roles for the Movement. She is a leader in the M&SU, acting as an enforcer on behalf of the Union as Ramos directs. When the Union is threatened, it is Ironsides who stirs the blood of the common man, calling them together against their enemies. The second purpose comes from her relationship with the Mages. As Ramos saw that partnership grow, he began to use Ironsides as a way to keep the Arcanists in check. When a Steamfitter goes rogue, Ironsides and the Mages track them down to eliminate them. She is not above deception, sometimes using Guild resources in clever traps to accomplish her task and harm her foes simultaneously.

For Toni, both tasks are acceptable. While Viktor Ramos is the Voice of the Arcanists, Toni Ironsides is its Fist. So long as the Guild is brought down, she will do whatever is necessary. What Ramos builds afterward matters little to her.

Box Set

Toni Ironsides’ box comes with six models, including Ironsides herself. The Captain is her henchman, and he brings both maneuverability and a powerful relic hammer to the table. Alongside him is Toni’s totem, the diminutive Mouse, who uses his skills with a lasso to ensnare Toni’s enemies and hold them in place. Rounding out her crew are the Oxfordian Mages, versatile enforcers capable of protecting their master with a series of helpful wards. 


Ironsides is the Arcanist brawler; she can take a hit and it doesn’t bother her. She has more Wounds than average and multiple ways to heal between the Adrenaline Condition and her Upgrades. Ironsides is a Master who wants to be in the thick of the fight, tying up enemy models while the rest of your Crew achieves victory. She grants bonuses to M&SU models with her Hand Picked Men Ability, so these models should be a strong consideration for any Crew she leads.

Ironsides can chain her Attacks into each other, using the Follow Through Trigger on her Brass Knuckles Attack to make an Uppercut and then back to Brass Knuckles. However, this all requires Adrenaline, which she only gains by being surrounded by enemies; Ironsides’ favorite place to be is surrounded by smaller enemy Minions. To get where she needs to be she can use her Rush ‘Em Tactical Action to reposition or force other models to come to her with You Lookin’ At Me. Also, don’t forget that You Lookin’ At Me can be used to reposition friendly models in a pinch. Ironsides may not kill every enemy that crosses her path, but she will keep them occupied and stay standing. If you keep enemy models from scoring those precious VP, you don’t always need to kill them. And every time they try to take a swing at Ironsides, they risk getting hit back with Good Shot, My Turn.

In terms of Upgrades, Ironsides has a number of options. Challenge The Crowd gives her bonuses to Defense while surrounded by enemies, which is exactly where she wants to be. Frontline Leadership is a key Upgrade, giving her another way to gain Adrenaline and giving her Come Get Some, which is an amazing zero Action that further helps her tie down enemies. Message From The Union allows her to hurl a flaming bottle at her enemies. Of course, there are more, but know that most of her Upgrades enhance her tarpit playstyle, but others allow for some other fun options. However you choose, Ironsides is going to be a tough Master to take down.