Unlike our monthly contests, the Iron Painter is a multi-round online painting contest conducted by Wyrd Miniatures. It is a long, grueling competition where painters will be tasked with continuously producing a series of painted models within tight timelines. It is not a competition for the faint of heart (or brush).

2017 marks yet another year of Iron Painter, and this year we are making a few changes to ensure that Iron Painter continues to be the great hobby challenge that it is, while also allowing this to be a true community event. This year’s Iron Painter will run from August to December.

If you think you have what it takes to paint until your fingers bleed (OK, we don’t want your fingers to bleed, but a little bit of a red stain from painting could be appropriate), then you should sign up for this competition.

Keep in mind that this contest is designed for painters (and non-painters) to have fun. Although each round will have a winner, Iron Painter is as much about finishing every round as it is winning. It’s a chance for you to get motivated and paint your minis! As we will not be doing categories, keep in mind that historically dioramas may edge out single models even if the single model is of a better technical skill. Wow factor definitely plays into this contest!

The Rules


The full rules will be available closer to the start of the contest.


Tentative schedule

This is the schedule (assuming that the competition goes the full possible 5 Rounds). It is possible that there will be some minor alterations during the event (bad things happen), so this should be considered a rough guideline, rather than set in stone. This will be updated as we get closer to the actual event.

  • September 1 – Sign Up Ends
  • Sept 4 – Round 1 Announced & Begins
  • Sept 18 – Round 1 Ends
  • Sept 20 – Round 1 Results
  • Sept 25 – Round 2 Announced & Begins
  • Oct 9 – Round 2 Ends
  • Oct 11 – Round 2 Results
  • Oct 16 – Round 3 Announced & Begins
  • Oct 30 – Round 3 Ends
  • Nov 1 – Round 3 Results
  • Nov 6 – Round 4 Announced & Begins
  • Nov 20 – Round 4 Ends
  • Nov 22 – Round 4 Results
  • Nov 27 – Round 5 Announced & Begins
  • Dec 11 – Round 5 Ends
  • Dec 13 – Round 5 Results