The leader of the Guild’s Amalgamation Office has quietly joined the Arcanists and now serves both groups to the best of his ability. Hoffman is a support master who greatly amplifies the capabilities of his Augmented constructs, all of whom utilize Power Tokens to unlock powerful abilities and increase the accuracy of their deadly attacks with their Power Converter Ability. With their steel exterior providing Armor to the entire force, the Augmented Crew are truly a tough nut to crack. Acting as a Power Nexus for the constructs around him, Hoffman is key to the survivability of his crew, focused on healing his damaged constructs and providing them beneficial effects such as Fast.


For many, crossing over from Earth and into the often magnificent and always terrifying unknown world of Malifaux meant change. Some for better, and others for much worse.

For Charles Hoffman, the once painfully shy and physically crippled engineer who followed his brother onto the train, it meant more than just shedding his skin and starting a new life. More than ten years after that fateful day, he is now the director of the Amalgamation Charter Enforcement Office for the Guild, a mechanical genius who has rivaled the great Victor Ramos in ingenuity and creation of constructs, and all alone.

Every good grace, boon, and ladder climbed in his career still does not fill the void left in his heart. Despite his brilliant mind, Charles Hoffman has been unable to figure out how to wish it all away to bring his brother, Ryle, back. There is not a day that goes by where he doesn’t second-guess his decision to pass through that blasted Breach, to say the things he previously could not put into words, to see his brother smile once again.

A lot has happened between then and now. Despite Victor Ramos’ best attempts at giving his brother a renewed life, Charles soon came to understand that he was nothing more than a tortured husk, existing only as electricity meeting instinct, shocked nerves colliding with paralyzed brainwaves.

There came a time when Charles needed to come to terms with the fact that there was nothing that could be done to save his ill-fated brother. Unfortunately, someone else did the burying for him. But sometimes shedding skin means to first pick away at the wounds that refuse to scar.

Sometimes one must bleed out before one can breathe in.

They say the final stage of grief is acceptance, to cleanse and wash away what one has wallowed in for so long, to finally find a way forward. For Charles Hoffman, the final stage is about letting go.

As much as his brother’s body battled with the machinations that kept him upright, so too does Charles fight with his own morals and loyalties. His recovery will come in the form of new friends and allies in the most unexpected places.




Melissa K.O.R.E



Mechanical Attendant

Mobile Toolkit

Howard Langston



Medical Automaton x2

Union Steamfitter x3

Guardian x2

Hunter x3

Riotbreaker x3

Watcher x3

Warden x2