Malifaux - Outcasts -  Hamelin


Eons ago, Plague was a preeminent alchemist in Malifaux, well respected in his field of study. He developed a fascination with decay and aging, focusing his research on the manipulation of both. A tragic accident during an experiment involving the aether and a plague rampaging through Malifaux City nearly killed him. Drowning in his own blood, the alchemist tapped into the aether desperately. Screaming in agony, his eyes closed. The next day, Plague's eyes opened.

Few records remain from the years of the Tyrants of Malifaux. The only certain thing is that they were locked away, trapped because they could not be killed. Plague slept millennia in the necropolis deep below Malifaux City. He was awoken by Hamelin the Rat Catcher, a pitiful bully on the run from the Guild. Hamelin's death was messy and horrific, reminiscent of Plague's first rebirth. Immediately, the Tyrant went after His ultimate goal, only to be prevented by Kirai Ankoku who shattered His physical form. It took months, but Plague eventually reformed Himself. Now, He acts more slowly to ensure His victory in the long run, searching for a new method of ascension into the aether- and the acquisition of true immortality.

Plague is the most aggressive of the active Tyrants. He holds to a strange view, that all of the Tyrants are playing a great game, one which is only worth playing because existence itself is the gamble. While His first attempt at ascension, harnessing the power of the Red Cage, failed miserably, He has discovered new methods to try. With everything on the line, He refuses to admit defeat.

Box Set

Hamelin’s box comes with ten models, including Hamelin himself. Four of those models are Malifaux Rats, the skulking vermin who invariably follow in Hamelin’s wake. Also present are the Stolen, Hamelin’s totems, who serve him either as a gamble to prolong his own life when killed, or as fresh meat to lure more Malifaux Rats into the battle. The Obedient Wretch helps her master by throwing rats at her enemies, some of which even survive to scurry away into the shadows. Hamelin’s dog, Nix, is also present, if only as a festering plague-ghost who excels at locking down groups of enemy models. 


Hamelin is a member of the Outcast Faction. He is the bringing of plague, leading swarms of rats and bewitched children to do his bidding. While Hamelin works well with any models, he will always end up with a few Rats, Rat Kings, or Rat Catchers due to his playstyle.

Describing Hamelin is no easy task. This piper is able to lure models to him via the Pipes action, drawing many into his sphere of influence. While there, abilities like Nihilism and Lure of Emptiness help ensure that Hamelin will remain alive and free to do as he pleases. With his victims in his clutches, he uses his Black Staff to give the Blighted Condition to his enemies which slowly ticks up over time. With a well-timed use of Bleeding Disease, Hamelin is able to finish off those who have succumb to their sickness. During all this, the Voracious Rats ability will ensure that those that die near him continue to produce Rats, making sure that Hamelin is the master of attrition.

Hamelin can take advantage of numerous upgrades to improve his sphere of influence. The Plague ensures that, once sickened, enemies cannot get better. The Piper prevents others from charging him while giving him access to Obey, further bewitching others to do his bidding. Sewer King allows for the sacrifice of his own Crew to draw cards, and Tools of the Tyrant gives him extra triggers for his Black Staff. Combining his Upgrades with his core abilities and favored Crew, Hamelin makes a strong contender for the best control Master in the game.