You've attended Wyrd events. After a lot of planning and hard fought battles, you've managed to gain a number of Guilders, and now you're ready to turn them in. So how does this program even work?


Guilders are a special form of Wyrd-only currency that you can get from attending events run by Henchmen (if you don't have a local Henchman, click here to see what it takes to become one). Guilders each have a value printed on them, which is their worth when trying to redeem them for items in the Guilder program.

Attend events, gain Guilders, and trade them in!

How do I use Guilders?

Guilders are our way of saying thank you to our players for making such an amazing community and continuing to support our games, and so we made the Guilder program easily accessible. To participate, you need to fill out the Guilder form below and request a confirmation e-mail.

Print and mail the confirmation e-mail, along with the required number of Guilders, to Wyrd at the address listed in the confirmation. Ensure that the Guilders are sent in secure packaging (like a box or padded envelope); Guilders lost in the mail may not be honored.

When we receive your Guilders, we'll send you a webstore order to the e-mail address provided, which will confirm your request.*


*Guilders can only be used on items in the Guild Store at the bottom of this page, not on other Wyrd products. If there is any question about your request or if stock of a Guild Store item runs out, we'll reach out to you and let you know. Participants are responsible for paying all shipping associated with the Guilder program. Wyrd is not responsible for any customs or taxes associated with receiving these items (they will be marked as promotional items). We will not provide refunds or ship back any excess Guilders.

Guild Store

Welcome to the Guild store, your one-stop shop for elusive Wyrd items. You should know that your money's no good here, we only accept payment in the form of Guilders. If you don't know about Guilders, take a moment to read the full page above.

All Vintage models come unassembled with a base and a card. They do not come in a box.

All Miss models come unassembled with a base and a card. They do not come in a box.