Wyrd - Evil Baby Orphanage

Game info

An idea originally crafted in Nerdfighteria is now a card game from Wyrd Miniatures! Help prehabilitate some of history's greatest villains. Play the role of a time travelling nanny and adopt tyrants from the time stream so you can guide them towards honest futures - accountants, ballerinas, or something. But watch out! An orphanage full of the most unruly babies in history is not easy to run!

Evil Baby Orphanage captures the fun and mayhem of childcare, and you never even need to change a diaper! Put Genghis Khan in time out; remind Napoleon to use his words; and keep the Unabomber away from the Improvised Teddy Device. Prove that you are the world's greatest Time Nanny by managing the most mischievous babies.

Evil Baby Orphanage is fast, fun, and hilarious. Oh, and you get to save the world while you do it.

And don't forget to keep your eye on Attila the Hun, he's a biter!

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