Occasionally, Wyrd runs special worldwide events that can lead to new models, storylines, or other prizes for the whole community.

Below is a list of the special events we've done.


Current Event


The Divergent Paths special event is coming up, running from September through November 2016. This event features Malifaux, as players fight to control the fate of three different characters. More information can be found on the event's homepage.


Past Events

Here are some of the past events and their rewards!



The Nythera campaign ran from September through November of 2015. Players could play Malifaux or Through the Breach. Each Malifaux player chose a Faction to support, fighting over all of Malifaux. Guild won the event, gaining the Nightmare Edition Lucas McCabe box set as their prize. Arcanists came in second, winning Miss Fire, an alternate Willie model. Through the Breach players chose a candidate for Governor-General to support, resulting in Franco Marlow becoming the head of the Guild on Malifaux. Additionally, Doctor Alexei Sokolov was the winner of the Through the Breach event, and his model is forthcoming!



Dead Heat

The Dead Heat campaign took place in the summer of 2012 and it was the very first world-wide Malifaux event! It saw all of the five (at the time) Factions fighting to control the various sections of Malifaux city in a map-based campaign which allowed players to help decide the outcome by submitting the results of their games. There was also an audio component, with the various Malifaux podcasts creating fun news reports to go along with the weekly events. Arcanists won the event, which led to the creation of the alternate Kaeris sculpt.



Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter was the second world-wide Malifaux event. Rather than being map-based, the results of the games which were submitted from around the world influenced the outcome of a story which evolved from week to week, depending on which Faction performed the best. The story revolved around characters from every Faction fighting for the power of the Tyrant Obliteration. Ultimately, Outcasts won with Resurrectionists as a close second, leading to Tara becoming a Master and that year's Nightmare sculpt.