Store resources

The Divergent Paths special event is coming up, running from September through November 2016. This event features Malifaux, as players fight to control the fate of three different characters. More information and some promotional material can be found on the event's homepage.

As a store, you have the opportunity to get involved! The Divergent Paths global event encourages local stores to participate by providing a place for the Malifaux community to play games.

In order to participate, you have to fill out the form below by September 30th. If you do, we will list your store on the Divergent Paths event page and on our forum as a place to play!

We ask is that you keep track of every player who plays in at least one event game during each section of the event (every two weeks). At the end, we'll send you an e-mail asking you how many players participated in every one of the 5 sections of the event.

If you do, Wyrd will send a store kit to your distributor which they will include in your next order. The store kit will include a variety of freebies and limited edition models, including one for each player who participated in the entire event (all 5 sections).*

We hope that you'll join us in making the Divergent Paths event a truly global story!

*All store kits will be shipped after the conclusion of the Divergent Paths event.