The Divergent Paths Event has ended.

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Everyone's first trip through the Breach is different. Some people only experience a minor tingle as they pass between the worlds while others are twisted and deformed by the crossing. It is a risk that most people take, however, for the promise of wealth that exists in Malifaux.

The Guild always keeps a few members of the Witch Hunters present when a new train comes to Malifaux to catch any whose latent gifts for magic were awakened by the Breach. There are stories told of what happens to those who are taken away by the Witch Hunters, and none of them are pretty.

On the most recent crossing, three individuals had something inside of them come to life somewhere in between worlds, and none of them intend to go quietly should the Stalkers come for them...

Divergent Paths was a global Malifaux event that gave players all over the world a chance to help shape the future of Malifaux. It began with three individuals: a snarky practical joker, an inquisitive child, and a self-righteous man. As the event progressed, each character walked their own path and become something different from what they once were.

Divergent Paths put the control of these character’s development in the hands of our community of players. Every other week, each character was given a special story encounter scenario and a list of abilities. Based on which Faction got the most wins in the story encounter, the character gained one of those abilities. At the end of the campaign, each character became an actual Malifaux model with abilities based on the results of the campaign.*

+ Divergent Paths Rules


This event is open to all players. Players may choose to make any game of Malifaux into a Divergent Paths game by agreeing with your opponent to play one of the game’s current story encounters. Each player may only play in each story encounter once (for a total of three Divergent Path games every two weeks).

As long as one of the story encounters is being played, any size game can be considered a Divergent Paths game. Players may play any Faction they want for any individual game.

If you are playing Divergent Paths as part of a Shifting Loyalties campaign, some story encounters may possess special rules.


After playing in an event game, the winning player should submit their results via our submission form located at the bottom of this page. The form must be filled out completely and accurately for the game to count.

The following information is needed for a Divergent Path game report: your full name, your opponent’s full name, which story encounter was played, and what Factions were played. Remember, only the winning player submits the results.

Each player can only play one game per scenario, regardless of whether they win or lose.


The Divergent Paths global event will run from September 12, 2016 until November 20, 2016. New story encounters will be provided every two weeks on a Monday in the resources section below and will only count games reported by the previous Sunday. The full details of each update will be available on a forum post.

Every two weeks, the Faction with the highest score in an individual story encounter will gift that encounter’s associated character a new ability. At the end of the event, the Faction with the highest overall score (all story encounters added together) for an individual character will see that character added to their Faction in the future.

Each Faction may only win one story encounter every two weeks and only one character from this event. If a Faction would win more, they only gain the character they have the most points in and are excluded when considering the winners of the other characters. In the event of a tie, Wyrd will make the decision.


Scoring for each story encounter will be each Faction’s wins divided by the square root of the number of players. This will help account for Factions with more players.


The Divergent Paths event is intended to be a fun event that everyone in the Malifaux global community can participate in. Any poor behavior on the forum (or poor behavior that is reported to us) will result in that player’s results being removed from the final tally – this includes purposefully crushing new players who are still learning the game in an attempt to raise your Faction’s results.

Players who are a part of the forum are encouraged to sign on regularly to discuss the available options for each character with the other members of the Divergent Paths event.

*All results are subject to playtesting. The final version of the character may appear significantly different than what was provided at the end of the event in order to make the character work well within the game of Malifaux, but every attempt will be made to ensure that the flavor and spirit of the event makes it onto the final rules.




Each character will be made into a Malifaux model