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General Feedback

Use this when you want to offer us some feedback on our products or services. Feedback is the best way we can improve, and we are always interested in knowing what you think of how we're doing. Feel free to take a moment to let us know what you think!

Damaged / Mispacked Products

Use this when you purchased a Wyrd product that was missing a component or was somehow damaged. Please note that we no longer support metal or resin miniatures. Please make sure your part requests are accurate and descriptive, we will not resend if you requested the wrong part.

Retailer Support

Use this when you are a store that has questions or needs assistance. Make sure you've visited our For Retailers section (under Community) for additional resources.

Convention Support

Use this when you would like support for a convention or event. We strive to assist when we can, but due to volume of requests we may not be able to provide the support requested.

Site Issues

Use this when you are having trouble with any of our websites. This includes our webpage, forum, and our online store.

App Support

Use this form to give us bug and issue reports about our app.

Services Offered

Use this when you can offer a service to Wyrd such as production or artwork. Please do not send unsolicited submissions of games.