Malifaux - Neverborn - Collodi


There are many old relics from humanity's first time through the Breach. Most of these are the usual variety- ruins, coins, books. But there are forgotten things as well, things that were imbued with magic and life.

Collodi is a living puppet, the size of a human adult. It was made to be an entertainer, a marionette that told stories through others of its kind. Collodi was a delight and a wonder of its age that was created to love its work, and so it did. At the closing of the Breach, after the mayhem that followed, the puppeteer was left alone in Malifaux, with no more children to share stories with. The next century passed slowly. To make up for its loneliness, Collodi began making new puppets from bits of wood it scavenged. These fake children became the audience for new shows and stories, but it was never quite the same. As time went on Collodi began to slowly drift away, losing its grip on itself.

When the Breach reopened, Collodi rushed to the newly arrived settlers, drawn by the laughter of children. The adults attacked the living puppet, forcing it away with torches and axes. Denied the ability to fulfill its purpose, Collodi learned to hate. It vowed to teach humanity the emptiness it had felt for so long in the absence of children. It started making a new kind of puppet, using the blood of stolen children as a template. Collodi wanders Malifaux in its painted wagon, hiding in plain sight behind the masks it wears, still committed to its now twisted purpose.

Box Set

Collodi’s box comes with nine models, including Collodi himself. The Marionettes serve as Collodi’s totems, giving it fast, tough minions that are utterly loyal to the puppet’s evil will. The Wicked Dolls provide another variety of useful minion, in that they can repair other puppets and teleport next to an enemy in the blink of an eye. Vasilisa watches over all these puppets with a caring eye, but should an enemy catch up with its incredible speed, they will have to contend with its sharp needle and expert sewing skills. 


Collodi is the Neverborn Puppet Master. It pulls the strings to its own personal puppet show, forcing the world to dance to its tune. Collodi is a manipulative Master who is still capable of dealing some decent damage. Many of its Abilities and Actions benefit Puppets, so any Puppet models will usually be a good thing to add to a Collodi Crew. It can also hire Puppets from any Faction, making Mannequins and Coryphee potential options for Collodi.

Collodi has the powerful Pull The Strings Action which has a good damage track and can be used to force the target to take an Action under Collodi’s control with the proper Trigger. Pull The Strings will generally be used against enemies, allowing you to use the enemy to your advantage. Collodi also has My Will, which can be used to make friendly models perform Actions, although if the target is not a Puppet it must be a Minion or Peon (generally weaker models). Finally, it can summon some smaller Puppets and sacrifice models which it has given the Personal Puppet Condition to avoid damage against itself.

Key to Collodi’s game plan are its Marionettes. Marionettes are Collodi’s totems and it can have up to four of them. These models gain bonuses to damage for being near their Master and they are some of the cheapest models in the game that count for victory purposes. It is common to see Collodi crossing the board with its four Marionettes in tow. If you enjoy pulling the strings from behind the scenes, Collodi may be ideal for you!