Malifaux - Arcanist -  Colette


Colette Du Bois is the owner of the Star Theater and a master illusionist. She started as a lowly pickpocket, relying on grace and charm to make her way through the underbelly of the world. In Malifaux, she has risen to heights she never could have dreamed. She owns one of the most famous establishments this side of the Breach, has become rich beyond imagining, and has a troupe of girls she takes care of that she loves. However, Colette is well aware that her new dreams hide within them a cruel nightmare.

Night after night, Colette performs in front of crowds that contain the poor and the rich, including senior members of the Guild. Every performance she dances a razor's edge, astounding the audience with true magic disguised as mere sleight of hand. All it would take is one suspicious officer and her world would come crashing down.

With her fortune tied to the Arcanists and smuggling for them, her girls are constantly under threat of detection, or worse. The hidden paths back to Earth have become more dangerous as the sewers become filled with new terrors. No matter the danger, the Arcanists demand more from the girls of the Star Theater.

Despite this, Colette is thriving and managing to keep ahead of her enemies. It's stressful to keep the world paying attention to the wrong hand, but the magician in her loves the trick. So long as she can continue dazzling everyone, she can keep the freedoms she's earned for herself and her girls. It's a dangerous game that she plays, but she'd have it no other way.

Box Set

Colette Du Bois’ box comes with nine models, including Colette herself. Cassandra backs Colette up as her henchman, and she brings both speed and strength to the crew. The Performers focus more upon confusing and debuffing the enemy, while the Mannequins enhance the ability of the rest of the crew to complete their schemes. Colette’s Mechanical Dove totems can be sacrificed to buff her allies, bringing even the most non-combative Performer up to impressive levels. 


Colette is the Arcanist Master of deception. She is the owner of the Star Theater, and frequently brings her Showgirls along with her to the tabletop. Colette isn’t a Master to wade into the enemy killing everything she sees; she relies on misdirection, Scheme Marker manipulation, and using Prompt to get the other models in her Crew to do the dirty work.

Both Colette and the Showgirls that her Crews will likely favor are great at manipulating Scheme Markers and Soulstones. She excels at getting more Scheme Markers on the table as well as spending them for amazing effects. For example, if she is damaged, she can use the Now You See Me Trigger to discard a Scheme Marker and then teleport away. Also, don’t forget to use her Prompt Action to manipulate other friendly models! Because of Prompt it’s usually a good idea to have at least one heavy-hitter in the Crew, allowing Colette to sit back and make it dance for her.

Like all Masters, Colette has some great Upgrades which give her fun options. But the most notable is probably Cabaret Choreography which allows her to summon her Totem, the Mechanical Dove. Colette may have up to three Mechanical Doves on the table and they can be used as Scheme Markers when friendly Showgirls need them. They can also be sacrificed to give your models some awesome bonuses. All in all, Colette is a tricky but rewarding Master who excels at scoring VP, and VP wins games.