Malifaux- The Guild - C.Hoffman

C. Hoffman

Lady Justice has her blindfold, sword and scales, Sonnia Criid her metal mask and flames, the Ortegas their gunplay and white-hot family pride.

Charles Hoffman has an office. A small, tidy office, with his name on the frosted-glass door. C. HOFFMAN. DIRECTOR, AMALGAMATION CHARTER ENFORCEMENT.  He likes it in there. It's a tiny pocket of calm in the madness that’s been his life ever since he came through the Breach.

Hoffman is barely recognizable as the painfully shy, physically crippled young engineer who followed his brother onto the Malifaux train. Too much has happened: the Breachfire flare that wrecked Ryle's body and mind, their abduction by Viktor Ramos and the flowering of his uncanny magical bond with machinery, his careening path through the Arcanist movement and into the arms of the Guild, and above all his new role as his maimed brother's keeper.

Hoffman is a man of authority now, a senior Guild official with a remit to shut down Amalgamation, the burgeoning secret industry in creating construct-organism hybrids. That this strictly speaking includes his brother Ryle is irrelevant: Hoffman isn't in this for the purity of the calling. He's here because the Guild has the resources and knowledge to perhaps one day bring Ryle back.

Or perhaps the Arcanists do. Hoffman keeps his lines of communication to Viktor Ramos open, letting Ramos think he's infiltrated the Guild while he lets the Guild think he's infiltrating the Arcanists.

Hoffman knows that sooner or later these interlocking, recursive deceptions will unravel on him. But not today. Today there's his brother to think of, and work to be done.

Box Set

Charles Hoffman’s box comes with six models, including Hoffman himself. The Watcher provides him with a quick, mobile construct that can quickly cover ground, and the Hunters prowl beneath it, using their harpoons to drag their prey into their steel jaws. The Guardian protects Hoffman as he manages his construct minions, and his Mechanical Attendant totem follows behind, providing support for its master. 


C. Hoffman is the Guild Master of Constructs. His Abilities and Actions allow him to manipulate Constructs in a number of ways, even sharing stat lines with them at times! He is a Master with weaker stats who relies on the models around him to do the dirty work for him. Because of this, Constructs are the ideal models to add to a Hoffman Crew, and with the proper Upgrade, he can even add M&SU Constructs from the Arcanist Faction.

Although Hoffman is limited in a number of ways (such as his lower stats and restriction limiting him to two Walk Actions per Turn) he makes up for it by enhancing his Crew, and allowing his Crew to enhance him. For example, Hoffman may be slow on his own, but whenever a nearby Construct takes a Walk Action, he can tag along with it. Additionally, he hands out the Power Loop condition, which allows any model with the Condition to share stat lines. This creates a style of play where Hoffman and his Constructs advance up the board as a team, destroying anything in their path. With his Machine Puppet Action, he can also force his Constructs to perform Actions, making them tools he can adapt to any situation. And, if the enemy gets to close, his Soulstone Torch is not a fun thing to get blasted with.

Hoffman’s Upgrades add a lot of fun options. They do everything from giving him the capability to add Modification Upgrades to his Constructs which enhance them, to turning Scrap Markers into explosive mines. Hoffman is a meticulous and pragmatic man, and he rewards players who are able to use him in that manner.