The Malifaux app

Malifaux Companion App

The Malifaux App is now available, and it's bringing a ton of features to you.

Model list and Collection

It's never been easier to track your Malifaux collection. This app brings a clean, easy-to-read list of every model in Malifaux.

You can track whether you own a type of model, whether it's painted, and whether it's one of your favorites. These choices create filters that can be used across the app to quickly access the models you want.

Build and share your Crew

The app allows you to easily create a host of different Crews. You can try out different combinations easily or try to build the perfect list for each round of an upcoming event.

Your lists can easily be shared with others by copying them to your clipboard or even by QR code, allowing others to scan your list and easily view it.

Stat cards

If you want access to the stat cards, it's a one time purchase. Once made, the app delivers every stat card in full detail, including all Abilities and Actions, allowing you to quickly and easily reference models at any time.

"The Guild fully endorses this application."

-The Governor-General

Malifaux City



The core of Malifaux lies in its Encounters, and the app helps you manage them and easily access all the information you need.

Create an Encounter

The app makes creating an Encounter easy, giving you the choice between formats and Crews so that you can get right into the action.

What's more, if you and your opponent both have the app, you can use a quick QR code to share your Crews, letting each player easily review what they're up against!

In game tracking

You can select Schemes and track both players' scores easily in the app, but that's not all. You can also track Wounds and Conditions as the game progresses.

The app even makes it easy to add new models or Upgrades to your Crew for those times when you're summoning in just what you need.

Ongoing support and Updates

The app will continue to be supported with updates that will include additional functionality. We have some big plans in store!

If you have any issues with the app, please go to the Contact Us page and use the App form to give us feedback.